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Online Bachelor of Science in Digital Innovation

Complete Coursework: varies Credit Hours: 120 Tuition: $248.25 per credit hour. This price includes the administrative fee.

Immerse yourself in learning how to make our high-tech, interconnected world tick. The Bachelor of Science in Digital Innovation with a minor in Digital Design and Communication online program gives you a hands-on approach to learning code and design used in digital publishing and marketing.

With fewer math requirements than a traditional computer science degree, this program helps you develop market-ready applications by emphasizing skills in web design, 3D digital and game design, front-end web development, multimedia production, and more. You can tailor your capstone project to your interest in games, applications or social media.

This bachelor's in digital innovation online program includes a minor in digital design and communication, in which you will study computer mediated information, digital prepress workflow, desktop publishing and publication design, human centered design, and patterns in application design.

Prepare for careers in graphic design, software and applications, and web development, among others. This program features accelerated 7-week courses and multiple start dates per year.

The College of Media & Communication at A-State is certified by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism & Mass Communications for undergraduate programs. Only 114 schools in the United States are accredited by ACEJMC.

Online Course Listing

Major Requirements

You must take the following courses.

Course features measurement and improvement of investment outcomes from use of social media in advertising, public relations and marketing communications.
Course is the study of the principles, theories and language of visual communication to help students analyze, interpret and apply visual content to communicate more effectively.
The course is an examination of the legal and ethical limitations and privileges affecting the mass media.
This features introductory level training in digital design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign (i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.).
This course is an introduction to design literacy, color theory, typography and composition.
This course is an introduction to the concepts of good website design as well as an introduction to HTML and CSS.
Course features foundational instruction in the art of creating digital 3D content for applications in animation, interactive and game design and in the production of physical objects utilizing 3D printing and laser cutting technology.
Course is in advanced web design. Students will learn advanced HTML, CSS, and Javascript techniques to create sophisticated web page layouts that adhere to standards-based guidelines. Includes an introduction to web interactivity using jQuery.
The internship features supervised work in a professional graphic design setting. May be repeated for credit.
Course focuses on the creative workflow of iOS app development.
This is an introductory course in audio, video, photo and text production for many distribution platforms.
A study of the development and impact of digital media.
This course examines concepts and applications of social media within mass communications, news, advertising and public relations industries. We will explore and apply social media tools, integrating them into an organization's overall communication strategy.

Minor Requirements

You must take the following courses to complete a minor in Digital Design and Communication. GRFX 4873 is a capstone course that you must take twice.

This course considers how identities, relationships and communities are created and influenced by our use of computers and the internet. We will gain understanding of these processes by engaging new media scholarship and activities involving different forms of new media.
Comprehensive overview of the major pre-publishing workflow elements and the options or their interrelationships.
Course examines electronic publishing and publication design using desktop publishing software programs. Course fee $25.
Course features app design concepts, prototyping app interfaces and user testing.
This course focuses on user experience design with an emphasis on established design patterns of iOS and Android applications.
This is an advanced project-based course for creating applications for Android and IOS devices. Students use their knowledge from previous courses to develop fully publishable applications within small teams.
This course focuses on the strategic integration of various channels and methods of communications for the purpose of delivering key messages to diverse target audiences in order to elicit specific responses, create a dialogue and engender relationship building.

General Education Requirements

You must take 35 credit hours of general education, including the following courses.

A study of the interaction between society and mass communication through the lenses of history, theory, economics, culture, law, and technology.
Study of the important scientific, principles of individual human behavior from biological, cognitive, social, and behavioral perspectives.
The constitution, government, and politics of the United States.
An introduction to music for the listener who has had no formal musical training or experience. A study of musical styles and composers and their cultural and historical contexts.
Introduction to aesthetic and critical appreciation of the art of theatre through lecture, live and video performance, and discussion.
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