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Career Paths for Sociology Majors

Sociology continues to be a popular choice for baccalaureate degrees for many reasons. Since sociology studies how society functions, sociology degrees offer deep understanding and well-balanced perspectives on the global community.

Those perspectives mean that future employment is wide open for sociology majors. In fact, those who earn a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology can take their careers in many different directions, such as counseling, criminal justice, the arts and many others. This wide variety of sociology careers afford students graduating with a degree in sociology many options from which to choose.


Since governments oversee societies, a sociology degree is a natural entrance into government work, where there are many options for aspiring administrators. For example, a sociology major might decide to extend his or her education into the police academy following graduation and enter law enforcement. Additionally, sociology students may also choose to bring their skills to city planning and program development departments for local governments.

Human Services and Criminal Justice

Many equate a sociology career with counseling and mental health services, but there are many additional options within the field. Case management and administration, for example, can be rewarding career paths. In fact, those who want to climb the career ladder can continue their education with a master’s degree program and begin their careers with more responsibility and higher salaries. For those interested in criminal justice, a sociology degree can ultimately lead to a career as an attorney or a judge.


People often wonder how to break into public relations, marketing, advertising and other creative fields. Since these fields all deal directly with public communication, sociology is a good place to start. A sociology degree prepares future businesspeople with the skills they need to better understand their colleagues. Those with careers in sales and management also depend on their unique people skills and the ability to understand human behavior.

Earning a Sociology Degree Online

Students who want to jumpstart their careers can now earn a sociology degree online. Schools like Arkansas State University offer online programs that allow students to complete degree programs on their own schedules from anywhere, meaning students can continue working full time while they pursue their degrees.

Further, sociology is a great choice for students who seek graduate and even post-graduate degrees. It offers a variety of career paths that all rely on advanced understanding of global sociological interaction.

Many people pursue degrees in sociology, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. Sociology offers so much to people of all types, from the business-oriented to the creative and to those who want to serve the public. Sociology careers are plentiful, varied and rewarding.

Learn more about the A-State online sociology degree program.


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