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Emphasis Options With an Online Bachelor of General Studies Program

A general studies degree program offers emphasis in several subject matters. In addition to an emphasis, individuals choose electives across multiple disciplines. This customizable plan allows an individual to pursue studies in their area of interest and focus their education on honing the skills they need for professional pursuits.

What are the emphasis options?

There are multiple areas of emphasis in a BGS degree program. Areas of study include technology, communications, criminology, health and physical education. Working adults or those with other obligations have the option to complete an online degree program in their area of interest.

Technology and criminology emphasis

Technology courses cover manufacturing, energy and management. Individuals enrolled in these courses learn quality assurance and how to utilize models for analysis and decision making. An emphasis in criminology involves studies in police, law and the sociological patterns of criminals. There is also a focus on the corrections system covering juveniles, institutional corrections and community corrections, which includes probation, parole, residential facilities and community service.

Emphasis on health, physical education and communications

The emphasis area on health discusses topics such as first aid, drug use and community health. These courses survey current issues in public health and focus on research. Physical education topics are principles in coaching, philosophy in sports and PE curriculum and administration. The final emphasis mentioned is communications and these topics include conflict resolution, research and public relations.

A BGS degree offers several opportunities to become an expert on multiple subject matters

A BGS degree is ideal for adults who are looking to advance in their current line of work. It emphasizes multiple disciplines, allowing the individual to become an expert in several subjects. A BGS degree can be completed through an online degree program. This flexibility means working adults can attend college with minimal interruption to their career or their life. Online courses can be completed anywhere there is an internet connection at any time of day. An online BGS degree is valuable asset for working adults in need of a professional degree.

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