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Kacie Altom

Kacie Altom, MSN, Associate Professor

"My career as an educator began when I had the opportunity to teach clinical for an instructor that went to a conference. I loved it from day one, and I knew that I wanted to continue to influence future nurses to be the best they could be and to do the best they could do for their patients."

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Dr. Karen Aul

Dr. Karen Aul, Associate Professor

"Believe in yourself; you are worth it. Just keep swimming."

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Teresa Fisher

Teresa Fisher, MSN, Associate Professor

"I began teaching because I love seeing the evolution of learned knowledge in my students."

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Dr. Elizabeth Seaton Nix

Dr. Elizabeth Seaton Nix, Associate Professor

"We need competent nurses, and I want the next generation of nurses to be as outstanding as the generations that taught me."

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Erin Stegall

Erin Stegall, Assistant Professor of Nursing

"I loved being a clinical preceptor and providing patient education when working at bedside."

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Mollie H. Manning

Mollie H. Manning, Assistant Professor

"Students should be prepared to learn valuable resources and skills necessary for the BSN nurse. To prepare for courses, the student should be organized and review course documents regularly."

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Sarah Davidson

Sarah Davidson, Assistant Professor

"I enjoy working with students and watching them learn and relate how they can use their new knowledge to advance nursing care and themselves. "

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M.S. in Sport Administration

Dr. David LaVetter

Dr. David LaVetter, Associate Professor, Program Coordinator

"My father was an educator. He was my role model, and an excellent instructor. He showed interest and value in every one of his students for over 36 years. This is what I'm striving to do throughout my career."

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Dr. Claudia Benavides Ambs

Dr. Claudia Benavides Ambs, Associate Professor

"I aspire to educate the sport managers of tomorrow and pass along my passion for sports, the profession, and my values to the next generation of sport administrators."

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B.S. in Strategic Communications

Dr. Manu Bhandari

Dr. Manu Bhandari, Assistant Professor

"Our best teachers are sometimes our harshest critics. One should learn from the mistakes teachers point out and continually improve."

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Holly Kathleen Hall, J.D.

Holly Kathleen Hall, J.D., Associate Professor of Strategic Communication

"I love every aspect of the college teaching profession: delivering the materials to students in a way they can understand, working with them one-on-one to develop career goals, and getting to research topics that are of interest to me."

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Dr. Po-Lin Pan

Dr. Po-Lin Pan, Associate Professor

"I wish to build supportive relationships with my students and help them to be successful based upon such supportive relationships."

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M.S. in Early Childhood Services

Dr. Jeonghee Choi

Dr. Jeonghee Choi, Associate Professor

"While pursuing higher education, I had met a few inspiring teachers and educators who were passionate and caring about their field and students. I wanted to pass on such passion and energy to future teachers and educators."

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Dr. Joanna Grymes

Dr. Joanna Grymes, Associate Professor

"I loved school and kept going—ending up with a doctoral degree in Family and Child Development. At that point, university teaching seemed the best option—and it has been an excellent journey!"

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MSE in Reading

Dr. Ryan Kelly

Dr. Ryan Kelly, Associate Professor

"Embrace the complexity, strive to connect as many units of thinking in as many ways as you can, and push yourself to reflect and synthesize."

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Dr. Dixie Keyes

Dr. Dixie Keyes, Professor

"Passion provides the persistence you need to get through new learning experiences. Find the hook, the relevance, or the connection you need when working on various assignments so your engagement pulls you toward success in the end."

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Dr. Karen Kleppe Graham

Dr. Karen Kleppe Graham, Assistant Professor

"I am in academia because I want to support teacher candidates and in-service teachers in becoming the best educators they can possibly be."

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Dr. LaToshia Woods

Dr. LaToshia Woods, Assistant Professor

"I want students to learn to be literacy decision-makers. I believe that individuals should reflect on and refine their own practices as they gain knowledge."

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Bachelor of General Studies

Dr. Blair Dean

Dr. Blair Dean, Professor

"I want students to learn and develop the skills, knowledge and competencies to living a healthy and physically active life."

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Courtney Bracy

Courtney Bracy, Instructor

"I enjoy my time with my students and feel gratified when I can pass my knowledge and experiences on to them or assist them in any way. There is nothing like seeing a previous student succeed in their career and enjoy their happy life!"

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Dr. Paul Finnicum

Dr. Paul Finnicum, A-State Department Chair and Professor

"In any profession, communication, time management and organizational skills are critically important."

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B.A. in Criminology

Dr. Turgut Ozkan

Dr. Turgut Ozkan, Assistant Professor

"I like producing and disseminating knowledge. It is good to know that you can shape young peoples' mind and help them get promising careers."

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MSE Educational Leadership

Dr. Annette R. Hux

Dr. Annette R. Hux, Associate Professor

"I want to make sure the educators in the courses continue to be successful in their careers by building on the knowledge they have. The learners will be able to take the project-based learning activities and go out in the field and apply the skill in a productive manner."

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Dr. Helen Claire 'Jackie' McBride

Dr. Helen Claire "Jackie" McBride, Professor

"Smart leaders must realize the leadership role in education is rapidly evolving, and they must work very hard at improving the leadership skills, the human relations skills and the communication skills they need to be such a leader."

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MSE Special Ed. Instructional Specialist K-12

Cindy Nichols

Cindy Nichols, Instructor

"I want my students to learn how to create engaging, accepting and effective learning environments for their students."

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Dr. Joe Nichols

Dr. Joe Nichols, Professor

"I want students to leave my courses prepared to utilize the skills they have learned that will prepare them for success in the principalship and/or superintendency."

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B.A. in Sociology

Dr. Monika Myers

Dr. Monika Myers, Assistant Professor

"Sociology classes are not focused on memorizing facts. Instead, our classes focus on developing new skills (writing, perspective-taking, research, statistics, reading difficult theories). These skills take practice. Be ready to try and fail."

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Dr. Rebecca Barrett-Fox

Dr. Rebecca Barrett-Fox, Assistant Professor

"I am an advocate of strong families and deep community ties, so I want my students to improve not just their lives with what they know but the lives of others around them."

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Dr. Catherine C. Reese

Dr. Catherine C. Reese, Professor and MPA Program Director

"Do you want to make a difference in the world around us? Come join us!"

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M.S. in Media Management

Dr. Mary Jackson Pitts

Dr. Mary Jackson Pitts, Professor

"New technologies are introduced daily that change the way we communicate. People who are prepared for the changes by applying theoretical approaches in practical situations will be the people the industry wants to employ."

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