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Read About Exciting Career Options for Digital Storytellers

The Art of Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story. We gather around campfires, meet up at our favorite watering hole, or congregate around watercoolers in breakrooms just to hear a good story. But stories are more than exciting yarns; they are also a great way to remember and absorb information. We can recall details more readily through memorable stories than when presented with basic facts and figures. So naturally, when organizations want to get their customers’ attention, they tell a story — a digital story.

Digital Storytellers’ Mission

Digital storytellers use multimedia systems to convey messages to groups of people. They tell their stories with interactive elements utilizing visually appealing presentation and design.

Good digital storytellers will need to maintain a marketing strategy but offer authenticity to attract new customers leery of sales tactics. They also need to focus on being truthful and informative without being boring.

Even in our modern world of short attention spans and screens everywhere we look, research shows there is still a desire for a simple story or narrative. Organizations that take advantage of this data are seeing greater engagement, increased social media referrals and more views on their websites.

Attract Audiences

Businesses can build brand recognition through digital storytelling. For instance, if a company wants to tout its charitable giving, it could use digital storytelling to explain its philanthropic efforts. Churches and nonprofits can also use digital storytelling as a relationship-building tool to provide a transparent view of their operations, missions and objectives.

The primary objective of digital storytelling is developing, distributing and managing content. Other jobs include working in the news industry, specifically in editorial roles that guide reporters and decide how to distribute content through digital platforms.

If you have a passion for communications and a talent for expressing yourself, you should consider a Bachelor of Science Degree in Creative Media Production. Arkansas State University offers an online program emphasizing three areas — Corporate Media, Graphic Communication or Media Ministry. This degree plan will provide the solid foundation necessary for a career as a digital storyteller.

Corporate Media

This emphasis offers preparation for various production and communication opportunities, from creating content for broadcasting, corporate clients and organizations to writing and producing films and video content. You will study and prepare for a professional role, such as corporate communications specialist. The average annual salary is $66,423.

Graphic Communication

The graphic communication emphasis will equip you with the technical and creative skills for various career options, like graphic design, distribution, technology, printing, packaging, marketing and web design. The average annual salary is $48,283.

Media Ministry

The coursework in the media ministry emphasis will prepare you to create, design and implement content for a religious organization or church. You may also design and produce video content for ministry, mission and outreach purposes. This degree will provide you with the expertise to succeed in jobs like multimedia storyteller in evangelism and outreach. The average annual salary is $47,874.

Entering a field with so many career avenues may feel a little overwhelming. However, a degree in creative media production is a great way to open doors in the growing world of digital storytelling. As more organizations discover the benefits of digital storytelling, the career opportunities will only continue to increase.

Learn more about A-State’s Bachelor of Science in Creative Media Production online program.


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