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Global Studies vs Online Political Science Degree

An online political science degree involves studying political systems of a number of regions around the world; this includes Middle Eastern politics. As you pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, you’ll learn that the term “Middle East” is a western creation, and fluid in its definition, so there is no universal agreement as to which nations form the Middle East. However, the following countries are generally considered part of that region: Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Understand current events

Events in the Middle East often dominate daily headlines, and have for many years. What happens there is felt around the globe, yet how many people have an accurate understanding of the underpinnings of those ancient and complex societies? An online political science degree can help you accomplish this. Without a strong academic foundation in Middle Eastern politics, it is easy to get lost in the constantly shifting sands of the region’s alliances and former alliances.

Discover the underlying reason actions take place

A dedicated study of the area’s political systems through an online political science degree will provide much clearer insight into why countries with seemingly the same primary interests are nevertheless sworn enemies, and why today’s warring civil factions can form tomorrow’s coalition government.

The region’s diversity requires developing an understanding of the various ways each nation chooses to govern itself. One must also understand how the nation’s governmental character may change due, for example, to revolutionary shifts to the right during the Islamic Revolution or radical jumps to the left during the Arab Spring.

Realize the region’s diversity

Due to its rich mix of ethnicities and religions, the Middle East is home to a vast array of government types such as monarchies like Qatar, dictatorships like Syria, a federation like the United Arab Emirates and republics of various forms. For example, Egypt’s official name is the Arab Republic of Egypt while Iran is officially the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Other areas of the world receive their fair share of attention, but it is by far the Middle East that continues year in and year out to dominate the world’s policy discussions. Since the end of the Cold War, no other region has seen as much war or threat of war. Getting a handle on political science today means getting a firm grip on Middle Eastern politics. An online political science degree can provide the knowledge you need to help understand the dynamics of the region.

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