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5 Careers for Psych Majors

A degree in psychology opens the door to a wide variety of career paths, ranging from counseling and clinical psychology to marketing and human resources management. At its core, psychology gives insight into the motivations for human behavior.

The first step toward those rewarding careers begins with a psychology degree. While many psychology-related jobs require at least a master’s degree, graduates of Arkansas State University’s online B.A. in Psychology program will find a number of career opportunities open up immediately upon graduation.

Career Paths for Psych Majors

Psychology remains a top college major — and for good reason. The field of psychology is expected to add 14% more jobs between 2018 and 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many well-paying jobs that call for psychology majors do not require a graduate or doctoral degree.

College Admissions Counselor

Students who enjoy working in academic environments may be a great fit in this supportive role. College admissions counselors, sometimes referred to as college admissions officers, play an important role in directing and guiding students from admission to graduation and postgraduate studies. Admissions officers help prospective students navigate admissions deadlines and requirements. They may also help students comply with university standards.

As the point of contact between students and university administration, counselors play a positive role in the lives of students by helping them gain acceptance and ultimately graduate. Common tasks include giving campus tours and conducting outreach programs to public and private schools in hopes of improving the quality and number of college applicants. Top earners in this field make around $60,000 per year, according to Glassdoor.

Human Resources Personnel

A degree in psychology can be a great launching pad for a career in human resources. HR personnel handle hiring, termination, benefits management and other tasks related to managing workers. While HR managers are generally expected to have a graduate degree in business or human resources management, a college degree in psychology can help open the door for entry-level positions in HR. The yearly base pay for an HR professional is $63,039, according to Glassdoor.

Marriage and Family Therapist

Marriage and family therapists focus on family units rather than individuals. Working with couples and families to solve emotional and behavioral issues can be highly fulfilling. While a graduate degree, licensure and internship hours are required, a bachelor’s degree in psychology is an important step toward this career path. The average yearly pay for a marriage and family therapist is $72,655, according to ZipRecruiter.

Social Worker

Social workers perform tasks that, while challenging, offer the satisfaction of making a difference where it matters. They often work with children and families to help them cope with and heal from domestic issues. Social workers with a bachelor’s degree can expect to get jobs as counselors, case workers, group home social workers and more. To reach higher level careers in social work, such as medical social worker, substance abuse counselor, child welfare case worker or clinical mental health social worker, you must have a Master of Science in Social work (and be licensed in your state). Your undergrad degree in psychology and the experience you gain working in the field will put you ahead of the competition and prepare you for the next step. The average yearly salary for a social worker with a master’s degree is $64,099, according to

Marketing Professional

A psychology degree can benefit marketing professionals by giving them insights into human behavior that help them promote the products and services their employers offer. As skilled researchers, psychology majors are perfect for market and product research as well as leading focus groups. A B.A. in psychology can open the door to entry-level positions in marketing. Starting positions in this dynamic career field pay $42,357 per year, according to Indeed.

Take the First Step Toward a Career in Psychology

A degree in psychology prepares students for a wide range of career options. A-State’s online B.A. in Psychology program includes a Professional Preparation Capstone course that teaches students practical application of the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the program.

Learn more about Arkansas State University’s online B.A. in Psychology program.


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