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Read About Careers for General Studies Grads

General studies is a versatile, interdisciplinary field that includes careers in management, economics, marketing, accounting and more. If standard college degree programs aren’t right for you, a general studies degree may be the right fit. Students who pursue such a degree can customize their areas of study to match their interests. By developing a solid educational foundation in the humanities, liberal arts and science fields, students can apply their skills to an extensive range of careers.

Graduates of general studies programs can work in communications, technology, social sciences, math, media, business and human resources. One of the biggest advantages of a degree in general studies is the variety and flexibility it offers.

General Studies Careers

If you want to earn a degree and propel your career but are unsure what major to choose, a general studies degree offers the freedom to tailor a program to your unique interests. Earning a Bachelor of General Studies online will open doors to a wide range of career options that require knowledge of:

  1. Classes in the principles of marketing and marketing management will provide a solid foundation to become a brand manager, marketing specialist, marketing director, marketing manager, account executive or marketing communications director. These careers require attention to detail and superb analytical skills. By monitoring market trends, managing trademarks, implementing and overseeing sales and product development programs, you can have a hand in meeting customer needs.
  2. The business world includes diverse roles such as account manager, editorial director, public relations director, media relations manager, operations manager, auditor, business analyst, risk management specialist and even technical writer. These positions focus on keeping all business accounts current, maintaining the written and editorial content for a business, overseeing communications, sustaining the overall functions of a company, analyzing/solving problems and writing clearly and concisely.
  3. Nearly every industry needs some kind of sales position. Sales representatives ensure the importing and exporting of goods runs smoothly. They help maintain a positive profit ratio, implement sales programs, manage new contracts, coordinate sales staff and price products. Job options include sales manager, sales director, store manager, sales representative and international sales manager.
  4. Earning a degree in general studies prepares students to lead a company’s strategy and communications department, work with employees and management to encourage inclusive and open communication, oversee written communication policies and manage communication with the media. Communication positions can include public relations director, employee communications manager, marketing communications director and media relations director.
  5. The management field includes many assorted occupations such as brand manager, general manager, advertising manager, administrative services manager and managerial positions in hotels, restaurants, banks, offices, retail stores and non-profit organizations. If you’re interested in transitioning into a managerial capacity, a bachelor’s degree in general studies — along with specific job experience — will help get you there.

Average Salaries with a General Studies Degree

On average, those with a bachelor’s degree earn more than $17,300 annually compared to those with an associate degree and $24,000 more than those with a high school diploma. According to PayScale, the average salary for those with a bachelor’s in general studies is $60,588 (July 2021). The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that jobs in media and communications will grow by 4% through 2029 and those in business by 5%. This is good news for general studies graduates as they launch their careers.

Learn more about A-State’s Bachelor of General Studies online program.


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