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Better Employment With a Bachelor’s Degree

The unemployment rate for U.S. residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher is extremely low. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), workers 25 and older had an unemployment rate of only 2.2% in September 2023. BLS reports that the unemployment rate for workers of the same age cohort with only a high school diploma was nearly two times higher. Earning a respected college degree like the online Bachelor of General Studies from Arkansas State University (A-State) can place you among the most in-demand — and rarely jobless — employees in the nation.

Educated Workers Are in High Demand

The scarcity of available higher-degree holders is pretty good news if you are looking for a job and have at least a bachelor’s degree. The widespread labor shortage forces employers to bid for educated workers by offering higher salaries or other incentives. Hiring managers look for candidates with excellent skills in leadership, analysis, critical thinking, communication, problem solving and research — all of which can be developed while pursuing an online degree in general studies. Plus, a bachelor’s degree could help you stand out among your colleagues at your current job and make you attractive to other employers.

Your Online Degree

In an online general studies degree program, you may enjoy learning about a wide variety of topics, including computers, history, public speaking, professional development and industrial applications of technologies. Courses in math, English, science, arts and humanities and the social sciences are required for an online degree in general studies.

Plus, an online general studies degree program may give you a great deal of flexibility and options. For instance, students in A-State’s online Bachelor of General Studies program must complete 120 credit hours to earn their degree, 73 of which come from elective courses, making the program highly customizable. With the help of an advisor, students select two areas of emphasis, such as Industrial Management, Criminology, Communications, Health, Political Science and Physical Education. This can add to a graduate’s versatility in the job market.

Jobs for General Studies Grads

A general studies degree is not specific to any industry, so it can qualify you to work almost anywhere. You could have a career in sales, business, education, marketing, advertising, retail, information science, project management, law enforcement, healthcare, public relations, journalism or another industry.

BLS also notes that education pays, reporting the median weekly pay for employees 25 and over with a bachelor’s degree to be $1,432 in 2022. Comparatively, the median 2022 earnings for workers with only a high school diploma was $853, $579 less per week than their bachelor’s degree-holding peers. By these figures, workers with a bachelor’s degree made over $30,000 more per year than those who have only graduated high school.

With this Bachelor of General Studies program from A-State, classes are 100% online, start times are flexible and you get 24/7 access to coursework and discussions. A higher salary and job security are within your reach.

Learn more about A-State’s online Bachelor of General Studies program.

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