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Learn More About An Online BA in Sociology Program

Sociology is the study of societies all over the world and the people who comprise them. It examines concepts like human and social interactions in groups, social inequalities and the organization of societies based on race and gender.

To study sociology is to develop an appreciation and understanding of human behavior, diversity and culture. A sociology degree program provides students with the map to navigate an ever-changing society by focusing on factors that influence human behaviors.

Programs like Arkansas State University’s Bachelor of Arts in Sociology online aim to provide students with a range of skills that offer flexibility in career options and marketability in a competitive job market. The program develops a number of skills including:

  • An understanding of group behavior and dynamics
  • A comprehension of cross-cultural systems
  • An understanding of diversity and ways to interact with other cultures
  • The recognition of the role of ethics in different cultures

Sociology degree programs also develop practical skills that find use in everyday life, such as:

  • Communication techniques
  • Research methods
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Analytical thinking practices
  • Leadership qualities

This combination of skills can lead graduates to a career in academia, social work, counseling, law enforcement or even human resources. While this field of study offers a broad range of job opportunities, there is specific, required coursework to for students to complete a sociology degree.

Sociology Coursework

The coursework for a bachelor’s in sociology involves everything from entry-level, introductory courses to upper-level courses like World Population and Society; and Methods of Social Research. 

The core coursework for a sociology degree may include courses in the following categories:

  • Introduction to Sociology: Introductory courses lay the foundation. They give students a general understanding of the field of sociology, including theories, concepts and history.
  • Statistics: These courses highlight the application of statistical methods in social science research. As students begin to dive into the research portion of sociology, they will test hypotheses, sample populations and apply data in software that creates graphs and charts for further evaluation.
  • Theory: Courses in theory develop a broader understanding of the history of sociological thought and perspectives. Students examine the works and ideas of sociological thinkers and how they translate to social organization.
  • Research Methods: These courses give students real-world experience in applying quantitative and qualitative research techniques in social sciences.

In addition to completing the core coursework, students can choose courses that pique their interest and match their overall career goals. Some courses offered in A-State’s B.A. in Sociology online program, for example, include:

  • Criminology
  • Sociology of Gender
  • Collective Behavior
  • Sociology of Disasters
  • Sociology of Aging

A sociology degree program provides students with the skills needed to successfully navigate careers in social work, sociology research or even sociology higher education – to name a few.

Learn more about A-State’s online B.A. in Sociology program.

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