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5 Tips for Being a Successful Online Student

Online education has become a popular option for students of all ages, professions and interests. In fact, according to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), more than 7.3 million students, or 37.2% of students in the nation, were enrolled in online postsecondary higher education programs in 2019.

Given the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic and other modern circumstances, online education is an increasingly appealing way to earn an advanced degree. In an online program, students have the flexibility to get work done on their own time. In addition, they have access to programs all around the country and affordable program options to choose from that allow them to continue working while earning a degree.

As the popularity of online learning grows, here are five critical actions that students will want to take to succeed online:

Manage Your Time: When earning your degree online, time management is essential. You need to commit to getting your work done on your own time. Hold yourself accountable, set goals and communicate with classmates and professors if you need help. Mark major assignments on your calendar at the start of the term or create a weekly schedule with blocks of time to do your schoolwork.

Create a Study Space: Dedicate a space for studying where you’re least likely to be distracted. Determine what environment works for your study habits and make sure you have access to high-speed internet. It is helpful to figure out how you best learn and cater to that.

Actively Participate: In an online program, how much you take away will depend on what you put in. Use all available forums, like homework assignments and discussion boards, to engage in courses. These are student-driven degrees. Therefore, you should reach out to classmates and instructors for support with course material. If personal issues impact your ability to complete schoolwork, talk to your professors.

Don’t Procrastinate: Avoid putting schoolwork off until the last minute. This concept might sound obvious, but waiting until crunch time to do assignments can cause stress and anxiety. Instead, create personal deadlines for yourself to work through projects and tasks over time. Working ahead and not procrastinating will benefit the quality of your work because you will have time to review it before turning it in.

Take Care of Your Well-Being: Attend to your physical and mental health. Working or studying for long periods is sometimes necessary, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Take regular breaks, get enough sleep, exercise and eat well — these self-care measures will help your brain retain information better. Stretching is another important component of physical health, too. You can also buy blue light glasses to ease eyestrain from looking at a computer screen.

Online higher education programs can be convenient, affordable and high quality. You can make the most of those benefits and succeed as an online student by keeping the above suggestions in mind.

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