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Online Bachelor of General Studies

Complete Coursework: varies Credit Hours: 120 Tuition: $248.25 per credit hour. This price includes the administrative fee.

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree is designed to accommodate students who have prior coursework and/or professional experience and need a flexible pathway to complete their studies. Students in this degree program are often seeking career advancement or career placement. The uniquely tailored course design and the broad emphasis on critical-thinking makes BGS graduates well-suited for today's marketplace.

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Program Requirements

These courses must be taken to complete your degree. All students during their first registration term must take Making Connections UC 1013.

Required course for all first semester freshmen. Course content is centered around the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful ASU student, including academic performance, problem solving, critical thinking, self-management and group building skills, university policies and other relevant issues.
Required for all BSIS majors. Must be senior level status to enroll (90 or more earned hours).
Capstone experience is designed to ensure BSIS graduates synthesize the learning objectives embedded in the BSIS program and gain the necessary skills to be market-ready including professional-level communications and critical thinking skills. The special problems research project is centered on students' emphasis area(s).
Exploration of the role of critical thinking in a range of professional settings through reading, writing and communication using technology, professionally-prepared materials, and statistical charts. Basic overview of the research writing process is included.

Communication Requirement

Must have six credit hours of the following courses.

Study and practice of fundamentals of written communication, including principles of grammar, punctuation, spelling, organization, and careful analytical reading. Prerequisite, with grade of C or better, for ENG 1013.
Continues the practice of ENG 1003 to develop further the skills learned in that course. Based on reading and discussion of various types of writing, the students’ essays will provide practice in different kinds of rhetorical development, including research and documentation.

Mathematics Requirement

Must have three to four credit hours or any higher level mathematics course for which College Algebra is a prerequisite. The course listed below is the only one offered online through AState at this time. You may also take Math 1054.

Equations and inequalities, functions and graphs, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations and inequalities, matrices, and miscellaneous topics. No credit given if taken following MATH 1054.

Arts and Humanities Requirement

Students must complete three courses from this section. At least one must be a fine arts course, one humanities, and one English course. Please note that Intro to the Literature of the Western World I ENG 2003 and Intro to the Literature of the Western World II ENG 2013 are offered online through Arkansas State University. Other Fine Arts courses not offered online are ART 2501, THEA 2503, PHIL 1103.

Introduction to the analysis and interpretation of literary works from several historical periods ranging from early civilizations through the Renaissance.
Introduction to the analysis and interpretation of literary works from several historical periods ranging from the Renaissance to the present.
An introduction to music for the listener who has had no formal musical training or experience. A study of musical styles and composers and their cultural and historical contexts.
This course focuses on the theory and practice of communication in interpersonal, small groups and public speaking contexts, emphasizing proficiency in message organization, delivery, and critical thinking.

Social Sciences Requirement

Three of the following courses must be completed. At least one course must be selected from SOC 2213, HIST 2773, or POSC 2103. Please note that POSC 2103, Introduction to American Government, and SOC 2213, Introduction to Sociology are offered online through Arkansas State University. Other social science courses that can be taken but not offered online are ECON 2313, ECON 2333, POSC 1003.

The constitution, government, and politics of the United States.
Study of the important scientific, principles of individual human behavior from biological, cognitive, social, and behavioral perspectives.
Human society and social behavior.

Life Science Requirement

One of the following courses and lab must be completed. Please note that Biological Science BIO 1003 and Laboratory for Biological Science BIO 1001 are offered online through Arkansas State University. Other courses that may be taken but not offered online are BIO 1033, BIO 1063, BIO 2013.

The major characteristics and processes of life emphasizing the human organism. Promotes understanding of diversity and unity among living organisms with focus on ecological interactions and responsibilities of people within their social and natural environment. Lecture three hours per week. Special course fees may apply. Must be taken with BIO 1001.
Laboratory, must be taken with BIO 1003. There will be a fee when purchasing the LabKit. Please visit the tuition and fees page for pricing.

Physical Sciences Requirement

An introduction to selected fundamental concepts including dimensional analysis, mole concept, atomic and molecular structure, nomenclature, chemical reactions, thermochemistry, intermolecular interactions, gases, mixtures, kinetics, equilibrium and acid base chemistry. Fall, Summer.
Special course fees apply. Prerequisite or co-requisite of CHEM 1043. Fall, Summer.
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