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Discover More About Technology With a Bachelor of General Studies Degree

The online Bachelor of General Studies degree from Arkansas State University (A-State) is a multidisciplinary degree that gives students the power to study what interests them. Individuals earning a BGS degree from A-State choose from a variety of subjects and design their degree within the parameters set forth by the admissions office. In collaboration with an advisor, students choose two areas of emphasis to focus on from a range of options.

These types of programs are ideal for working adults because they offer the flexibility to build an education around an individual’s professional goals. The multidisciplinary degree model helps students develop a wide range of transferable skills from critical thinking and leadership to communication and technology skills, fostering career versatility. Plus, the 100% online design of A-State’s Bachelor of General Studies makes it a convenient choice for parents and others with busy work and family schedules.

Study Technology in a General Studies Program

A BGS degree offers adults considering a technology major the opportunity to focus on applied technology studies, but also specialize in other areas, giving them a well-rounded and unique education. For instance, Industrial Management is an emphasis option in A-State’s Bachelor of General Studies, focusing on management, leadership and relevant technologies and practices. Communications is another area of emphasis that focuses a large portion of coursework on modern technologies used for strategic, professional communication.

Through integrating studies from multiple disciplines and focused technology studies, students graduate prepared for complex roles in the evolving job market. This education model helps students create a tailored, customized degree program, ensuring they develop the skills and knowledge needed to advance in their careers or pursue new areas of work.

Technology Coursework

Technology-related courses logically vary by emphasis, providing students with specialized technical skills. Coursework in A-State’s Industrial Management emphasis covers subjects like project, quality control and inventory management. Knowledge gained from these studies can be applied to work in industries such as manufacturing, logistics and quality assurance. The following are examples of courses included in this emphasis:

  • Operations Systems Research involves techniques for decision-making using models, programming and analysis.
  • Fundamentals and Applications of Renewable Energy covers principles and applications of alternative energy technologies like biofuels, wind, hydrogen and solar.
  • Industrial Safety examines safety and health in the workplace, covering professional and legislative regulatory requirements as well as hazard recognition and control systems.

Study Online

A-State’s online Bachelor of General Studies option allows working professionals the opportunity to complete their degree without taking a break from their careers. By choosing the general studies route, adults who are looking to advance their careers can choose coursework that is related to their field. Time dedicated to online studies can be scheduled around other obligations, creating more flexible opportunities for adults to complete their degree.

Studying Technology Is Easy in an Online General Studies Program

Adults who wish to pursue a career in technology can do so through a BGS degree program. The coursework is uniquely chosen based on educational and professional goals. Technology studies cover manufacturing, energy and management. Pursuing advanced education is convenient and flexible with online classes and focusing that education on technology can open the door to many in-demand, lucrative careers in today’s tech-driven business environment.

Learn more about A-State’s online Bachelor of General Studies program.

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