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Potential Careers With a General Studies Degree

Choosing a college major and ultimate career path can be a challenge. With so many areas of study, you may be overwhelmed trying to plan for your professional future — especially if you have a variety of interests and skills. If you can relate, you might want to consider a degree program that doesn’t hem you into a major with a narrow focus.

Arkansas State University’s Bachelor of General Studies online program offers a flexible way for students to earn a college degree.

Tailored to those with prior coursework and/or professional experience, the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) online program at A-State helps students apply previous credits toward completing a degree. By helping to instill critical thinking skills in students, the program prepares individuals to enter any professional market.

What Makes a BGS Degree so Versatile?

A bachelor’s degree in general studies equips you with the skills needed for a number of professional fields. In the A-State BGS online program, students are required to complete coursework in a variety of topics including communications, mathematics, arts and humanities, social sciences, life sciences and physical sciences.

A-State’s online BGS program requires 120 credit hours and has a current tuition rate of $269 per credit hour.

How Can I Use a BGS Degree?

As a BGS graduate, your holistic degree opens up many employment opportunities. You can work on advancing in your current field, apply for entry-level positions that require a bachelor’s degree, add specialized licenses or certifications and even pursue jobs related to one or more of the concentration areas offered at A-State, including:

  • Industrial Management
  • Communications
  • Criminology
  • Health
  • Physical Education
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Pre-School Education/Childhood Services
  • Education

The options are endless for individuals with a BGS. Because of the degree’s focus on critical thinking and general knowledge, many individuals with BGS degrees become account managers, executive assistants, operations managers, project managers, real-estate brokers and more, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Your location of employment can affect your salary for particular degrees, as can any licenses and certifications you pick up in your professional career. Here are just a few of the jobs you might consider with an online BGS degree from A-State and their average salaries by state.

Job Title





Business Information Analyst





Help Desk Manager





Geographic Information Systems Analyst





Commercial Claims Adjuster





Public Information Officer





Municipal Zoning Administrator





Digital Marketing Specialist





Youth Program Manager





Nonprofit Manager





Industrial Safety Coordinator





College Admissions Counselor





Probation and Parole Officer





Social Media Manager





Source: ZipRecruiter (December 2020)

The A-State BGS online program is flexible and convenient, as students can complete their studies from nearly anywhere. Perfect for working individuals, the fully online program helps professionals manage work, family and other obligations while earning a degree.

The program also has six start dates per year, so students can begin their coursework when it is most convenient for them. Visit the program website for specific application information.

Students with prior undergraduate credit and varying professional interests are especially encouraged to pursue a bachelor’s in general studies. Whatever career path you choose, a BGS degree can give you a comprehensive education, valuable critical thinking aptitude and essential workplace skills.

Learn more about Arkansas State’s online Bachelor of General Studies program.


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