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Online Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communications - Social Media Management

Complete Coursework: varies Credit Hours: 120 Tuition: $248.25 per credit hour. This price includes the administrative fee.

Earn your Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Social Media Management and turn your interests in the communications field into versatile career opportunities. This 100% online B.S. degree program is designed to develop communication industry professionals with a strong focus on social media.

Learn the fundamentals in the high-demand field of strategic communications with an in-depth study on social media, as well as social media measurement and case studies. Courses will prepare you to become both Google Analytics Certified and Hootsuite™ Certified. Graduate ready to take on positions managing and improving online impact for virtually any company.

For this degree program, students must complete a total of 120 credit hours, which includes 35 hours of General Education courses, 20 hours of communication major requirements, 21 hours of social media management emphasis courses, 6 hours of additional, required courses, and 18-21 hours of minor courses in one of three choices (Political Science, Sociology or Criminology, below) and 14-17 additional hours of electives (which can come from the minor options and/or general education courses not yet taken to satisfy other requirements).

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Program Requirements

These major courses must be taken to complete your Communication degree (16 hours).

Principles of listening in the communication process, emphasis on listening improvement.
Writing mechanics for media. An introduction to applying basic grammar, spelling and media style rules and guidelines professionals use for writing across multiple media platforms. Can be taken concurrently with CMAC 2003 with consent of chair. Test-out option available.
Basic writing for print, broadcast and Internet media. Course includes attention to news style and grammar. Pre/Co-requisite, CMAC 1001.
The course is an examination of the legal and ethical limitations and privileges affecting the mass media.
Writing forms and styles across multimedia platforms. Fundamentals and practice in preparation of strategic messages for various channels of communications, including controlled and uncontrolled media. Students will develop skills in information gathering, writing styles, editing, critical thinking and audience analysis. Prerequisites: CMAC 1001 & CMAC 2003.
Course is a study of recent strategic communication cases involving business, industry, institutions and government. Students conduct a comprehensive strategic communication case study for a given client.

Emphasis Courses (Social Media Management)

These courses must be taken to complete your Social Media Management emphasis (15 hours).

Advertising history, theory and practice, including traditional and nontraditional media.
Nature and theoretical foundation of public relations, its role in society, practitioners and dynamics of the process.
An advanced course focusing on the theoretical, contextual and practical natures of persuasive images in the context of strategic communication.
This course examines concepts and applications of social media within mass communications, news, advertising and public relations industries. We will explore and apply social media tools, integrating them into an organization's overall communication strategy.
Course introduces students to the world of interactive online advertising. It surveys a variety of important topics, from integrating social media initiatives into the overall marketing communications plan to online display ads to developing an effective search engine advertising/marketing strategy.
Course features measurement and improvement of investment outcomes from use of social media in advertising, public relations and marketing communications.

Additional Required Courses

These courses must be taken to complete your degree (12 hours).

This course considers how identities, relationships and communities are created and influenced by our use of computers and the internet. We will gain understanding of these processes by engaging new media scholarship and activities involving different forms of new media.
Emphasis on increasing student's capacity for openness, sensitivity, and objective appraisal.
Dynamics and theories of communication within an organization.

Minor Requirements

Students completing this bachelor’s degree program are required to choose a minor from Political Science, Criminology or Sociology options (18-21 credit hours, depending on content area). See coursework for Minor options, as listed above.

Additional Degree Requirements

Students must complete an additional 14-17 credit hours, as transfer credit, or taken as electives. These additional hours may come from Communication courses, however, a total of 72 hours outside of Communication must be taken to complete the degree.

Course options will come from Political Science, Criminology, and Sociology. Course options are the same as those listed in the options for minors and/or other General Education courses not taken to satisfy other requirements.

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Hear from Social Media Management major Bailey Moses and Associate Professor of Strategic Communication Holly Kathleen Hall about the massive potential future job growth and diversity of becoming a social media manager with this unique degree.