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What Is a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Media Management?

If you want to work in social media, you may be wondering what a bachelor’s degree focused on social media management is, what you should expect, and what the benefits are. Arkansas State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communication with Social Media Management Certification program online. Here is an overview of the program, the courses required and how students can benefit.

Degree Overview

To receive a social media degree from Arkansas State, students must complete a total of 120 credit hours. Most courses are three credit hours. Of the 120 hours, 42 credit hours are required in courses related to your major.

Students are also required to take 38 hours of General Education courses to complete the degree. Finally, students need to take 40 credit hours in elective courses. These can come from any courses offered so long as prerequisites are met.

Types of Courses

The individual courses have a wide range of subjects including content creation, strategy and metrics. In Strategic Writing, for example, you will learn formats and styles for multimedia platforms. In Social Media in Strategic Communications, you will examine and then apply social media tools and learn to integrate them into an organization’s overall marketing strategy. In Social Media Measurement you will learn optimal ways to measure and grow an organization’s return on investment (ROI).

What to Expect

Unlike other programs that had to quickly shift to a remote model, A-State’s B.S. in Strategic Communication with Social Media Management Certification program was designed to be conducted completely online. Beyond being a well-seasoned online program, it is highly convenient for recent graduates who want to work as they complete a degree or for working adults who want to return and finish college. You can complete coursework over a seven-week semester when and where it is convenient for you.

Benefits of a Social Media Degree

Social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram continue to grow in popularity. New social media channels are on the horizon. For businesses, schools and nonprofits, these platforms create brand awareness and loyalty. Social media engages users in a conversation about those organizations and gives them feedback.

Social media managers are integral to an organization’s operations. They are experts in developing the metrics that let organizations know if their messages are being received. They are also skilled in generating sales leads and crafting social media strategies that increase ROI, which is vital to any organization.

A rapidly growing field like social media management is a good one for career growth. In the last decade, job positions for social media management have increased by 1,000%. Eighty percent of business executives indicated that they think it’s very important or essential to invest additional resources in social media marketing. Moreover, 91% say they will increase social media marketing budgets over the next few years.

The data suggests a big opportunity for people trained as experts in social media. Earning a degree in social media management is a way to gain the necessary prowess.

Learn more about the Arkansas State University online B.S. in Strategic Communication with Social Media Management Certification program.



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