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Why Study Digital Technology & Design?

Studying digital technology & design is a smart move regardless of your chosen career field. Recent reports by the Pew Research Center and the World Economic Forum assert that workers who want to prepare for the jobs and workplaces of the future should take several important steps now. The reports recommend that workers who want to stay competitive focus on acquiring the most relevant and transferable technology skills, and keeping them current. They also suggest workers take things further and create the jobs of the future by envisioning the ways that artificial intelligence and automation will change the nature of work.

Digital innovators do each of these things well. They use their advanced skills to design products and experiences that improve our lives in the present, and they imagine a future we can actually create.

Digital Creators Are In Demand

Most employers in the digital age already expect workers to be fluent in the latest cutting-edge technologies, from web design and social media to digital video production. Even entry-level jobs in traditional fields such as real estate, retail, banking, law and manufacturing now require more advanced and creative technology skills than they once did. Coding, digital marketing and digital design skills are now valued in most industries and found more often in job postings than ever before.

The definition of a technology innovator has evolved as well, and the title is no longer just for visionaries who want to build an empire. Digital innovators are pioneering new ways of working and creating at every stage of their careers, and you won’t just find them in computer science or IT companies. They are working in government, medicine, advertising, entertainment, agriculture, cyber security and a number of other fields. Many are even designing their own groundbreaking apps and games from the comfort of home or their neighborhood coffee shop.

Moving at the Speed of Digital Careers

Education must also adapt to the changing labor market, as there is both art and science behind every aspect of digital technology we use. Online degree programs such as Arkansas State’s Bachelor of Science in Digital Technology & Design offer courses that blend the inspiration of the creator with the skills of the technician.

Students become fluent in both the theory and application of technology, as they develop solutions that reflect their passion for innovative ideas. Studying digital technology & design ultimately helps students achieve their career goals. Innovators who can design and execute flawless websites, ebooks, mobile apps, special effects, security features and smart technology are in high demand in the digital workplace. They are also changing the world as entrepreneurs.

In addition to the core curricula required for all students pursuing a bachelor’s degree, students majoring in digital technology & design study five integrated disciplines — design, communications, business, production and publishing — through coursework that covers:

  • The development and impact of digital media.
  • Visual communication theory and graphic design principles.
  • Mass media law and new media scholarship.
  • Internet communications, including how users form identity and relationships.
  • Social media strategy and outcomes in news, advertising, marketing and public relations.
  • Publication design and workflow, from digital pre-press to desktop and electronic publishing.
  • Digital creative software, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.
  • Digital color theory, typography and composition.
  • Web design and coding, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and interactive tools.
  • UX design theory, application and testing.
  • 3D design for gaming, animation, interactive technology and printing.
  • Android and iOS application development and digital workflow.
  • Multimedia production for a variety of distribution platforms, using text, audio photography and video.

Arkansas State’s online Bachelor of Science in Digital Technology & Design is an affordable and accessible degree program that allows students to move at the speed of the digital world. Accelerated seven-week courses help students graduate in half the time as their peers in traditional on-campus degree programs, so they can be on their way to designing the next game-changing technology.

Learn more about A-State’s online Bachelor of Science in Digital Technology & Design with a Concentration in Graphic Communications and Bachelor of Science in Digital Technology & Design with a Concentration in Strategic Communications.


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