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Innovation Is More Than a Buzzword: It’s the Future

Innovation has changed and astounded the world through necessity, beauty and imagination. It makes our lives easier, increases productivity, reduces disease and poverty and is an important way to combat major social risks and threats. Graphic design and innovation work together to anticipate and enhance needs and experiences, as it is constantly evolving with new technologies and design concepts.

An online B.S. in Digital Technology & Design – Graphic Communications can help prepare you for a career in various roles in agency, marketing, design and digital fields in roles like graphic designer, UX/UI designer, interactive designer, art director, web and mobile app developer.

Creative Thinking in Graphic Design

More than just a popular concept, innovation is central to a graphic designer’s workday; beyond invention, it is vital for problem-solving. We live in an age of information that requires graphic designers to explore innovative thinking to advance creative capability. Since design is a multi-faceted and ever-changing field, design principles must remain simple and intuitive in order to achieve groundbreaking and forward-looking outcomes. A-State’s online B.S. in Digital Technology & Design encourages students to seek new ideas to solve problems and fill the needs of society. 

How to Prepare for an Evolving Design Career

As the roles and responsibilities for graphic designers change over time, so do design tools and trends. The design industry is constantly shifting. The most resilient design professionals know how to leverage and modify skills when needed.

This year is already bound to be a year of digital communications and design transformation. Venngage lists the following as the biggest design trends to come in 2021:

  • Muted color pallets
  • Simple data visualizations
  • Geometric shapes everywhere
  • Flat icons and illustrations
  • Classic serif fonts
  • Social media slide decks
  • Text-heavy videos

An ability to successfully modernize and change with the times is a valuable skill to employers, the industry and professionals themselves. Graphic designers lead the way by following the latest technological advancements and using them in their projects, and an advanced degree in graphic design can harness these skills.

Benefits of a Digital Technology Degree

Since change is inevitable, preparing to be a tech-forward creator is one of the best ways to set yourself up for a successful graphic design career. Pursuing a design career doesn’t mean that you simply learn the basics and then you’re done. There’s always room for improvement and learning new concepts, theories and technologies.

As long as companies need branding and consumers buy products, design will always be in demand, and a digital technology degree can open many different career paths. Designing can boost problem-solving skills, provide opportunities for teamwork and change the way you see the world.

Additionally, a career in design can be both fulfilling and well-paying. According to PayScale, a starting salary for a graphic designer is an average of $46,285, with the potential to increase as your career builds and you enter into executive positions.

In an online B.S. in Digital Technology & Design with a concentration in Graphic Communications, students will learn to plan, design and create interactive solutions including user interfaces, 3D graphics, mobile apps and websites. A-State’s career-focused degree program combines graphic design skills and computer science with printing and press knowledge to solidify multimedia production abilities.

Learn more about Arkansas State University’s Bachelor of Science in Digital Technology & Design with a concentration in Graphic Communications online program.


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