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Level Up Your Code Skills

You don’t have to be a professional programmer these days to know how to code. If you’ve ever created a personal blog or website, chances are good that you’re already familiar with HTML, and perhaps CSS and JavaScript. But did you know that the casual coding you’re doing for fun could actually lead to a new career? If that new language you’ve always wanted to learn has a name like Python, C#, PHP, Swift, Ruby or Rust, it might be time to level up and create your own adventure by earning your degree.

Arkansas State University’s online Bachelor of Science in Digital Technology & Design with a Concentration in Graphic Communications program is helping casual coders make the jump to a programming career. You could become the next great game or app developer, or help the next technology startup change the world.

Coding Skills Can Pay the Bills

According to Forbes, coders are shaping the digital revolution, and not just in the technology business. Forbes notes that only 80 percent of coders work in Silicon Valley and that good opportunities exist in a wide range of career fields. Here are some of the most interesting job opportunities right now for coders with a bachelor’s degree:

  • Application developer — Program, test and troubleshoot software for computers and gaming, based on your own creation or in collaboration with software designers or engineers.
  • Web developer — Create websites, social media apps and other internet-enabled content, focusing on design aesthetics, functionality and usability.
  • Mobile developer — Create applications for smart mobile devices such as phones, fitness trackers and wearables.
  • UX designer — Help clients understand their products, apps and websites from the user’s perspective, and create solutions needed to improve ease of use or functionality.
  • Security analyst — Protect your client’s internal network and online presence, monitoring activity and addressing threats such as a data breach or malicious code.
  • Media specialist — Work in video, broadcast, podcast or audio production, creating programs and content for distribution through a variety of channels.
  • Technical writer — Write product specs, user documentation, business proposals, corporate communications and technology-related publications.
  • Instructional designer — Build online courses, create learning and training modules, automate functions such as testing or grading, and maintain course management systems.
  • Digital strategist — Work in advertising, analytics, product development and other areas of marketing, creating and suggesting digital tools that can best meet clients’ needs.
  • Tech journalist or podcaster — Cover the business of technology as well as the consumer-focused products it generates, translating complex processes and concepts into a more digestible form for readers and listeners.

The advanced coding skills you can learn in a structured degree program may also boost your employment prospects in other fields, making you more competitive for all kinds of jobs in the digital age. The sooner you level up to professional status, the sooner your career can take off.

Learn more about A-State’s online Bachelor of Science in Digital Technology & Design with a Concentration in Graphic Communications program.


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