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Careers for Graphic Communications Majors

Given today’s tech-driven world, this integrated approach to graphic design is essential for success in multimedia production. The modern professional with fluid competencies bridging art, design and computer science can pursue many creative careers across numerous industries.

Arkansas State University (A-State) offers a unique, online Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Digital Technology & Design with a Concentration in Graphic Communications that incorporates the study of computer science, digital media communications, graphic design and traditional printing and press studies. Coursework explores everything from computer programming to user experience (UX) design and print production to animation and video game design.

Graphic design professionals are well equipped to work in a number of different fields and settings. Here are seven interesting jobs in graphic communications:

  1. UX Designer

Whether engaged with a website, software program or technological device, the modern consumer expects a positive experience with the products or services they use. UX designers create this positive experience through aesthetically pleasing product design that is usable and intuitive to navigate. UX design draws heavily from the integration of graphic design and computer sciences.

Indeed reports the average base salary for UX designers in 2020 was $101,600 per year.

  1. Digital Animator / Motion Designer

These professionals create computer-generated animation for many different products, from embedded website content to Hollywood movies. They may be tasked primarily with the artistic, creative side of designing animated content, or they may be more involved in the programming aspect. Those with integrated knowledge of design and computer sciences can of course pursue both types of jobs and work towards higher-level positions like lead animator or animation director.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), median 2019 pay for multimedia artists and animators (encompassing digital animators and motion designers) was $75,270 per year. Data from PayScale shows lead animators made an average salary of $88,762 in 2020 while animation director salaries average around $100,000.

  1. Art Director

This is a classic, high-level role for the experienced graphic designer who works their way up through the ranks of an organization’s art, advertising or marketing department. The art director oversees the scope of design across an organization’s communications, digital or print. They are responsible for directing brand design strategy and execution across platforms as well as ensuring consistency and design alignment through all communications. reports the average 2020 salary of art directors was $100,752 annually.

  1. Digital Strategist

Digital strategists can play an interesting role in an organization’s product development and planning. These professionals examine market, consumer and technology trends as well as competitors’ products and services, identifying beneficial directions for investment and development. They work closely with other departments, integrating functions like UX design, branding alignment, media content and marketing.

Glassdoor reports that digital strategists made an average yearly salary of $70,175 in 2020.  

  1. Web Developer

Essentially, web developers create websites that accurately reflect a client’s vision and needs. This includes visual design elements as well as technical aspects like coding, programming and application selection. Web developers may collaborate with other designers or content creators, or they may be responsible for the entirety of a website’s look and content.

According to BLS, the median annual pay for web developers in 2019 was $73,760.

  1. E-Learning Designer

As evidenced by A-State’s online graphic communications B.S. program, e-learning is an important aspect of modern education. The bulk of education moving to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic is another consideration and predictor of demand for e-learning designers.

Therefore, e-learning designers are highly sought after and will likely continue to be in high demand. Digital graphic designers play essential roles in the e-learning design team. They develop the visual aspects of the educational content, creating user interfaces that best visualize and deliver that content and maximize users’ experience and engagement.

ZipRecruiter reports e-learning designers made an average of $96,949 per year as of 2020.

  1. Packaging Designer

This is a more traditional application of graphic design. To catch the consumer eye, every product needs attractive and informative packaging that accurately represents the product while aligning with a company’s branding and design. Packaging designers accomplish this through using knowledge of both digital design software and physical design for print, press, packaging and more.

According to Glassdoor, the average 2020 base pay for packaging designers is $68,537 per year.  

Clearly, the modern graphic communications professional with extensive education in the computer sciences has many career options. Plus, digital graphics communications professionals can do their work anywhere they have access to the necessary technology. In the age of remote work and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, this flexibility can add a great deal of resiliency, job stability and even growth to an already modern profession.

Learn more about the A-State B.S. in Digital Technology & Design with a Concentration in Graphic Communications online program.


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