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Earn a Master’s Degree in Reading in One Year

Teachers interested in advancing their careers may want to consider earning a master’s degree in reading. This degree program offers teachers the advanced skills and knowledge they need to be more effective reading teachers. Further, the program can also prepare classroom teachers to take the reading specialist certification exam and qualify for specialized teaching positions, such as literacy coach or reading intervention specialist.

Completing a Master’s Degree Online

Students enrolled in an online master’s degree in reading program enjoy the benefits of flexible scheduling. While there are specific beginning and end dates to each course, students do not have to “show up” in person at a particular time on a particular day. Instead, class lectures, videos and assignments are available for review and study at the students’ convenience. For graduate students who teach full time, this benefit alone makes earning a degree online very appealing.

Another benefit to online study is avoiding the aggravations of commuting or relocation. Students and instructors use a variety of web-based programs to stay connected, such as blogs, Twitter, online chats and webcasts, to name a few. Students can study wherever they have access to the internet.

In addition, earning a master’s degree online allows teachers to keep their full-time positions. Every teacher knows the challenges of scheduling last-minute meetings with parents, evening performances and weekend fund-raising activities that would compete with a rigid graduate school class schedule. However, taking a year off from teaching to accommodate such an inflexible schedule is usually not the best choice. Teachers who take classes online can earn a degree while working full-time.

The Benefits of Arkansas State

Students can earn the Master of Science in Education in Reading offered at Arkansas State University in as few as twelve months. Within one year, graduates can apply for positions that were previously unavailable to them without specialized training and certification.

“Flexible start dates” are not available at all universities. At Arkansas State University, the master’s degree in reading program is available on a rolling schedule. Students have the option of starting in the fall, spring or summer.

The true goal of completing a master’s degree in reading is to become a better teacher with specialized skills. The matter of added compensation, however, cannot be overlooked. One of the additional benefits of completing a master’s degree for teachers in one year is that, upon completion, a teacher can expect to command a higher salary. Many districts recognize and reward teachers who earn advanced degrees by giving salary increases for both additional education and an automatic “years of experience” increase.

With the advances in internet access and social media platforms, the Master of Science in Education in Reading, offered online, may be the best choice for working teachers who want to advance their careers. This degree makes the best use of the internet to offer a quality program that is convenient and accessible.

Learn more about A-State’s Online Master of Science in Education in Reading.


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