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The Value of Research in a Master of Science in Education Program

Many educators have been successful in applying research to the classroom setting. A degree from a Master of Science in Education program furthers an educator’s understanding of ways to maximize their students’ learning potential. Educational research is an exciting pursuit designed specifically for each graduate candidate to increase in both skills and knowledge within their field. This knowledge is critical in improving the classroom, assisting novice and experienced teachers and increasing student engagement.

Benefits of Research to Classroom Problem-Solving

Advancement in any field comes through a deeper understanding of the finer points of that field. The field of education is no exception. Graduate-level students majoring in education can gain a breadth and depth of knowledge of many facets of classroom management, teaching methods, instructional design, technology and curriculum. Conducting and studying research in these areas of education gives educators a way to solve their own unique classroom problems by applying that research to the classroom.

Teachers face a variety of challenges every day, from the prekindergarten level to secondary or university level. Those challenges vary depending on classroom demographics, the subject being covered and even the time of day. Participating in research allows graduate students in a Master of Science in Education program to focus their studies on the particular difficulties they most want to study. A thorough study of the available educational research in a specific field gives educators an advantage in the classroom and throughout their school.

The Goal of Research

The techniques and approaches studied in a research program benefit more than just the graduate student. The ultimate goal of graduate students in education is to equip themselves to become better educators for the benefit of their students. When graduate students correctly apply their research to the classroom, it can lead to greater student motivation, more effective learning, higher student achievement and a more engaged classroom setting. Teachers will be more equipped to help their students accomplish tasks purposefully and find greater satisfaction and achievement.

Applying research to the classroom is crucial in making the most of the knowledge gained from coursework in a master’s degree. Some educational research can be universally applied, while other research is better suited for specific situations. It is up to each educator to know their own classroom or school and find the best ways to implement the latest research.

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