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How to become a curriculum director

To become a school or district curriculum director in Arkansas, educators must meet certain education and experience requirements. Curriculum Directors are responsible for coordinating with staff and administrators, verifying that curricula meets state board of education regulations, and seeing that students’ performance on standardized exams is satisfactory. Many curriculum directors work directly with teachers and provide training for effective teaching methods and classroom management.

A curriculum director is a school leader responsible for program development and administration, as well as employment evaluation decisions. A curriculum/program administrator in Arkansas can specialize in one of the following areas: special education, gifted and talented education, career and technical education, adult education, content area specialist or curriculum specialist.

Education requirements for a curriculum director

Most public and private schools require curriculum directors to have a master’s degree, preferably a master’s in education. A master’s degree in curriculum and instruction is a perfect fit for candidates for curriculum director jobs. In some cases, curriculum director candidates might also consider coursework in a specialized field, such as math or history, depending on their career goals.

A basic requirement to enter this type of graduate-level program is a bachelor’s degree. Coursework in curriculum development or instructional design is also beneficial at the basic level, but not necessary.

Experience required to become a curriculum director

A curriculum director should have several years of experience as a teacher and a current teaching license. Some positions might require experience teaching a specific subject or grade level.

Some states may also require a curriculum director to have an administrator license in order to hold this position. In Arkansas, the appropriate license for this position is the curriculum/program administrator license. The requirements for this license include a current Arkansas Standard Teaching License, at least four years of teaching experience within the desired specialization, a master’s degree and passing scores for the School Leaders Licensure Assessment. Curriculum directors in Arkansas must also participate in a leadership mentoring program upon employment as an administrator.

 The prerequisites for becoming a curriculum director are generally similar from state to state. However, be sure to check with your own state for their specifications. You will want to meet at least the basic standards for education and experience to take the next step toward your career goals as an educator. A master’s degree in curriculum and instruction along with several years teaching experience can equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a curriculum director.

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