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An affordable, online Master of Science in Education degree

Earning your teaching credentials is an impressive achievement when coupled with all the hard work of earning a bachelor’s degree. However, many teachers want to move further in their education with a master’s degree. This situation often posed a problem in the past because of demanding classroom attendance, work responsibilities and the costs of higher education. However, reputable online master’s degree in education programs are more affordable and flexible than ever, enabling more teachers to earn their advanced degrees.

Cost savings for teachers

Educators who enroll in online degree programs tend to save money overall when compared to traditional, on-campus programs. Students in online programs reduce costs by eliminating commuting and parking expenses, using digital textbooks, and reducing ancillary expenses such as childcare or buying dinner every night before class. There are a variety of financial savings for teachers interested in an online master’s degree in education. In addition to cost savings, some online programs have specialization options such as a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction or educational leadership.

College facility overhead is minimal

Physical classrooms need space for students and teachers to work together. Online classes do not have the same real estate overhead. A professor could work in his or her campus office or even at home. This overhead does not need to be factored into tuition costs, lowering the students’ price considerably. Even if an entire online master’s degree in education department is necessary for the student volume, little physical space is needed.

Accelerated coursework

Taking classes all week for nine months out of the year costs a considerable amount because of the materials and faculty time necessary to process student work. Online degrees for graduate studies require a shorter time period. Because of the expedited schooling, the costs are relatively low. You do not need to finance three or four years at school because the online master’s degree in education may take less than two years to complete.

Scholarships and grants still apply to online programs

Even an accelerated graduate degree program can be cost-prohibitive for some students. It is important to note that scholarships and grants are still applicable to online programs. Online programs usually have a financial aid department to help you maneuver through the paperwork. Even if you are unsure about a particular source of aid, apply for it anyway to increase your funding options — after all, applying for aid doesn’t necessarily mean accepting it. Talented teachers with initiative may end up with substantial financial help.

You should not set aside your dreams because of an affordability factor anymore with today’s online master’s degree in education options. Taking a strong look at your education goals can help you match them to a desired degree program. Whether the class is taught by a professor nearby or in another state altogether, you have a chance to learn from the best through a basic Internet connection.

Learn more about the A-State online MSE in Curriculum & Instruction online program.


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