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Affordable Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction

If you are looking for a program that provides the coursework and licensure you need to gain a position such as director of Curriculum & Instruction (C&I) or director of Special Education or Gifted and Talented programs, the Arkansas State online Master of Science in Education (MSE) in Curriculum & Instruction (MSE in C&I) is an excellent and affordable choice.

Affordability in Pursuing an MSE

The Arkansas State MSE in C&I costs $340 per credit hour. The standard course is three credit hours, so the cost of one course is $1,020. This cost includes administrative fees.

The entire program requires 36 hours of coursework, so it costs $11,220 to complete. Students can complete this program in as little as 20 months.

This is considerably more affordable than other online master’s programs in education. The average cost for an online master’s degree in education is $18,000. Not only is A-State’s program more affordable, but tuition is the same for Arkansas residents and out-of-state residents. This can be a considerable savings, since many master’s programs charge out-of-state residents nearly double what they charge in-state residents.

Not only is the program affordable, it also offers the convenience and flexibility of online learning. With an online program, educators can continue to work as they pursue a master’s degree.

A Program Designed to Help You Reach Your Goals

The MSE in C&I is one of seven MSE programs available at A-State. It prepares current teachers for licensure to be directors of Curriculum & Instruction, Special Education or Gifted and Talented programs.

The program focuses on developing leadership skills and best practices, as well as enrichment of best practices in instruction. Teachers will learn how to evaluate and improve curriculum development processes. They will develop tools that enable them to become professional curriculum specialists.

Throughout the program, you will strengthen your skills in organization and management. Critical and analytical skills, as well as communication and collaboration, are also emphasized.

Prospective curriculum directors are required to complete specific C&I-focused courses on curricula in elementary school, middle school and secondary school. Prospective special education directors are required to take courses on the administration and supervision of special education and special education law.

Core courses include ELAD 6003, School and Community Relations, which covers concepts, procedures, and programs for beginning and maintaining strong and positive relations between the school, constituents of the school, and agencies. ELCI 6533, Theories of Instruction, focuses on theories about learning and multiple teaching models. ELCI 6083, Supervision and Evaluation of Teaching, emphasizes supervision of teaching with emphasis on clinical supervision, evaluation and adult development. In ELCI 6063, Curriculum Management, MSE students will learn the perspectives, processes, and skills for managing curricula and formalizing the decision-making process in establishing and adopting curricula.

In the final semester, MSE students will take ELCI 6493, Curriculum Internship. In it, they will demonstrate the skills and practices involved in school leadership.

The A-State online MSE program in C&I is affordable and can lead to a career directing either curriculum development or special education and gifted and talented programs.

Learn more about A-State’s Online Master of Science in Education in Curriculum & Instruction.


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