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Is a Sociology Degree Right for You?

A common problem that students face when choosing a college major or career path is that there is almost no opportunity to “try before you buy.” Often, choosing a major is a leap of faith, and students must simply hope that they will not regret their decisions, wasting time and money in the process. Students curious about sociology may find it helpful to know what a major in sociology involves.

Characteristics of a Sociology Major

Good candidates for a BA in sociology may identify with the following characteristics:

  • They question traditions and social norms.
  • They think critically about news stories, popular culture and family units.
  • They consider the sources and trajectories of trends.
  • They speak with people about their lives and thoughts.
  • They enjoy finding patterns in data and scientific research.
  • They are interested in social problems like racism, sexism and wealth inequality.
  • They believe that humanity can make positive strides to change the world.

A Sociologist’s Skills

Students who are already strong in the following skills may also find they are suited to a major in sociology. For one, a working sociologist needs to be good at forming relationships. This is especially helpful when seeking to connect with people of different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Sociologists also need to know how to communicate with colleagues, which can lead to networking and subsequent opportunities in the field. They must learn how to approach their research scientifically and document their findings. Finally, they must be able to analyze the data they collect.

Sociology Fields

A BA in sociology can create opportunities for graduates in a range of fields. They can expect to work full time in areas like public policy, education, social services, homeland security, law enforcement, advertising, training and journalism. Often, a master’s degree is necessary to enter the field, and a bachelor’s degree is the first step. The median pay in 2015 was $73,760 per year.

A major in sociology is ideal for those who are interested in studying and analyzing society from a perspective that challenges traditions and common conceptions. Sociology students find trends, social groups and family units fascinating. Graduates can expect to choose from a variety of different jobs in this growing field.

Learn about the Arkansas State online Bachelor of Arts in Sociology program.


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