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What To Expect in an Online BA in Political Science Degree Program

Online formats for college classes are becoming increasingly popular. The number of adult learners who need flexible options to access education has climbed steadily, and many colleges are meeting that need. Many schools offer degree programs that are fully online, such as a BA in political science. The online political science degree offers individuals with full-time careers, personal obligations and family commitments the opportunity to earn their degree and pursue a career in public service, politics, business, law or journalism.

Develop good habits in an online program

The online political science degree format is writing and research intensive. This is the best way for professors to ensure that participants in the classroom are able to think critically and conduct analysis. Developing research, writing and thinking skills serve graduates in any field they choose to enter. An individual with a BA in political science has exercised competency in the problem-solving arena.

Fine-tune skills with proven teaching methods

Research-intensive programs use case studies, legal documents, laws and textbooks to teach political theory and application. These methods hone writing, research and speaking skills as well as the ability to advocate for others. Some programs, such as A-State’s BAPS to MPA program, allow seniors the opportunity to apply undergraduate coursework to their master’s degree.

Classes in an online political science degree program

Courses in an online political science degree program include American government, international politics, law and administration. Students will learn how the Constitution and legal statutes empower state and federal law enforcement officials, as well as the political theories driving some of the most well-known Supreme Court decisions.

Study international politics

International coursework covers topics such as European political systems. This class studies the political groups, special interest groups and the policy formation processes found in different European nations. Courses on Middle Eastern political systems delve into the similarities and differences of political systems across the region.

Gain a well-rounded understanding of politics and political processes

Other topics in a political science program include current political ideologies like liberalism, conservatism, nationalism and communism. Individuals will have the opportunity to study the American presidency, modern political theory and civil liberties, among many other topics. This wide breadth of coursework prepares graduates for many fields once they have earned their BA in political science.

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