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Learn What Careers Await You With A Political Science Degree

Earning a political science degree gives you the skills to enter a broad range of professional fields. A political science degree can also lead to further studies in graduate school or law school. Working adults can complete their degree requirements by pursuing an online political science degree. The ease of access and flexibility makes this option convenient for individuals with full-time jobs or personal obligations.

How will a political science degree serve me?

Because an online political science degree program is very versatile, there are many job options available to graduates with this type of degree. Adult learners engage in several courses covering a range of topics, including law, politics, administration and policy. The coursework is often research- and reading-intensive, requiring analysis, problem solving and critical thinking. These skills are crucial to companies looking for employees who have the ability to solve tough problems and make predictions about what the future may hold.

What kind of job can I get with a political science degree?

Jobs with a political science degree include working for a government agency, teaching or working in business or in the legal field. Educators with a political science degree typically teach at the secondary level. Opportunities in business include marketing, finance or international relations. A political science degree also offers a strong foundation to work at the state, local or federal government level, for example as a consultant, program coordinator or legislative assistant.

Is graduate school an option?

Another option is to continue your education with graduate-level studies or law school. Some careers require education beyond a bachelor’s degree in political science. The bachelor’s degree offers a strong base for research and writing skills that will be extremely beneficial in law or graduate school.

An online political science degree can be a powerful tool that gives individuals many career options. Graduates have the option to seek careers in public administration, business, media or government. They can also choose to pursue a master’s degree or a professional law degree.

Learn more about the A-State online BA in Political Science program.

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