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Why Earn a Degree in Communications?

Some courses of study — medicine, law and accounting, to name a few — are given immediate respect. On the other hand, the respectability of a communications degree is often up for debate, if not dismissed altogether, due to the stereotypes associated with that degree or the people who pursue it. But the misconceptions do not speak to the true value of a BA in communications. An online communications degree is a route students choose for many reasons, including an interest in the subject matter and the desire to learn the communication skills that employers want.

Why Earn a BA in Communications?

Pursuing a job in communications offers people a chance to work in a field they love. For instance, reporting has never been an especially lucrative field, but it continues to inspire many would-be journalists to follow their passion into the workforce. Earning a communications degree online will provide the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in almost any work environment. Subjects like journalism may improve a student’s writing and speaking abilities, and they may help students connect with people of varying demographics. Those who pursue a degree in communications should be confident that they will be able to earn a good living as well.

What Makes an Online Communications Degree Valuable?

Communication skills are an asset in any industry. In fact, Forbes magazine named good communication as the number one skill employers look for. Communications students possess strengths in verbal, non-verbal and written communications, as well as public speaking. A BA in Communications enables students to use their skills and express creativity in a number of fields. These skills allow graduates to investigate a wide variety of positions during their careers. Public relations, advertising, marketing, sales or account management are just a few of the fields communications majors have to choose from.

Salaries in communications vary, but according to The Creative Group (TCG) 2016 creative salaries report, a Public Relations/Communications Specialist (1 to 5 years of experience) makes $45,500 to $69,000 annually, an Account Coordinator (1 to 3 years) earns $38,000 to $56,000, and a Web Content Writer (1 to 5 years) makes between $47,750 and $71,750.

Graduates of a BA in Communications program will have the skills they need to succeed in a variety of fulfilling and lucrative careers. Prospective BA in Communications students should remember that making it in communications depends on the effort they choose to put into it. So, networking, internships, and the initiative to pursue job opportunities before graduating will allow the graduate to experience the full value of their field and create employment opportunities. An online communications degree can also serve as a starting point for other professions such as teaching, business and law.

Learn more about the A-State online BA in Communication Studies program.


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