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What Is Conflict Resolution?


Learn to Resolve Conflicts at Work with an Online Communication Degree

Many managers feel they have insufficient conflict resolution skills – they feel that they lack the proficiency to resolve conflicts when they arise. Without satisfactory resolution for workplace conflicts, employee morale may suffer, which can curtail professional growth.

Arkansas State University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies offers a seven-week Conflict Resolution elective. The course examines “conflict as a communication variable created through interpersonal interaction in dyads, small groups, families, and organizations.” Earning a communication degree online can help students gain the expertise needed to tackle conflict in teams and groups in order to

  1. Secure employment.
  2. Maintain productivity.
  3. Improve workplace morale.
  4. Sustain a positive working environment.

Conflicts Are Inevitable

It is normal for people to disagree on the job; after all, diverse employees offer unique abilities and perspectives to a team. However, protracted disagreements can cause problems. For example, one department may be under pressure to deliver a product that requires cooperation from several departments and managers. If a critical piece of the product fails to meet quality standards or a lack of collaboration from one more employees needed to get the job done arises, it can introduce tension. Managers who can take quick action with conflict resolution skills like effective communication can get the team back on track.

Tap Into Nonverbal Communication

During on-the-job disagreements, effective managers should pay attention to eye movements, gestures and facial expressions. These nonverbal signals may be broadcasting information even if no one is speaking. By studying conflict resolution skills, monitoring nonverbal communication activities becomes second nature, and it gives managers the tools to ascertain the root of a problem. A solid foundation in nonverbal communication offers managers a calm, measured approach to the conflict, which helps earn employees’ trust.

Maximize your success to handle conflicts

Build up your management skills to tackle workplace conflicts with a communication degree online. Soar beyond basic strategies with conflict resolution skills that enable you to:

  1. Quickly assess the root of the conflict
  2. Monitor nonverbal communication
  3. Focus on resolving the conflict
  4. Concentrate on the present issue, not the past
  5. Agree to disagree, if necessary

Learn more about the Arkansas State online BA in Communication Studies program.


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