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What Types of Jobs Can You Get With a Communication Degree?

Everybody communicates, which is probably why many people take this valuable skill for granted. However, some people are more effective communicators than others, and those people are very valuable to employers.

Available jobs that require a communication degree are everywhere, so you must first ask yourself which industry you want to work in. From there, you can get more specific, but before you make that decision, it helps to be working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. While completing coursework for the degree, you will learn about many industries that need expert communicators, thus broadening your options.

Public Relations

Both big and small companies, as well as nonprofit organizations, rely on public relations teams to share their news with the rest of the world. PR departments generally modify and approve any piece of communication that goes public, from email blasts to press releases. It is a fast-paced world that suits people who enjoy challenges.

It can also be financially rewarding. On average, a VP of public relations for a large company can earn over $100,000 a year, out-earning people with similar titles who hold degrees in journalism and mass communication. Public relations directors, who usually work just under VPs, also earn around $100,000 a year, on average.

Government and Nonprofit

Public officials often look for people with a communication degree to fill jobs. The opportunities vary with each employer. You could work on the speech writing team for a politician, help local governments craft public messages, or even serve as a spokesperson.

Nonprofit organizations offer rewarding and challenging work for those who seek to change the world. These organizations need people who can craft informative and engaging messages to raise money for their causes.

Other Opportunities

Of course, there are many other career paths open to communications majors — journalism, marketing, radio and sports, to name a few. However, each relies on a solid education. An online communication degree makes earning a bachelor’s degree more convenient than attending traditional classes. Students can complete coursework in their own time, allowing them to work while earning the degree. The virtual classroom is also mobile, so a student can attend online lectures from anywhere with an internet connection, and in the event that a student needs to relocate, there is no need to transfer to another school.

Available jobs that require a communication degree exist in almost every field because businesses and organizations need to communicate with each other and the public. This will never change, especially in today’s digitized world where information travels quickly.

Companies and organizations rely on people with communication degrees to not only craft messages to the public but also protect their reputations. Communication skills are more than important: they are vital to an organization’s success.

Learn more about A-State’s Online Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies.


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