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Why Earn a Master’s in Engineering Management Online?

More educational options are available today than ever before. For people who want to pursue a management career in an engineering field, a master’s degree in engineering management can provide the technical skills and business knowledge needed for success. The Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program at Arkansas State University (A-State) is available both on campus and online, offering students more choices in how they earn the degree. Enrolling in an online MEM program has certain benefits that may be appealing to many students, particularly those who are already working professionals.

An Online MEM Program Offers Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of earning a degree online is flexibility. Getting to campus every day, or even several times a week, takes extra time and may not be realistic for some students. Working individuals may find that traveling to a campus on a rigid class schedule entails too much time off from work. Even if they can make it to campus for each class, they still need to find time in their day for studying.

Taking courses online helps reduce the strict time commitments involved in earning an engineering management degree. Students do not need to travel to campus. The materials for their courses are always available online, so they can make their own study schedules. Online degree programs give students with busy schedules and prior commitments the chance to plan their education around their lives.

The Convenience of Learning From Home

In addition to the flexibility in scheduling gained from taking classes online, learning from home offers other conveniences, too. For starters, the absence of a commute means that bad weather is less likely to interfere with class and study time, and poor driving conditions are no longer a barrier to getting classwork done. Students also save on transportation costs and do not have to fight traffic to get to class on time.

Attending classes and studying from home offers a more comfortable environment. While students are free to study in their pajamas, they can structure their own space to fit their learning styles. They have more control over the temperature of the room, for example, and can avoid uncomfortable classroom desks. Students can listen to background music if it helps them learn. For people who learn and study more efficiently without distractions from classmates, online courses offer yet another benefit.

The Value of an Online Engineering Management Degree

An online degree offers the same value as a degree earned through an on-campus program. In fact, the online MEM program at Arkansas State University gives students an interdisciplinary education identical to the school’s on-campus MEM degree. The engineering program at A-State offers ABET-accredited degrees and is one of the country’s top programs. The online MEM program includes 11 seven-week courses and can be completed in as few as 14 months.

Earning an MEM degree can open up new opportunities for advancement within engineering firms and related fields. Students pursuing management careers within these industries can benefit from the combination of technical and business courses offered. Choosing an online MEM program offers advantages that enable students to continue working while earning their degree.

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