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5 Jobs for an Engineering Management Master’s Graduate

The architectural and engineering fields need well-trained candidates to fill a variety of management positions across the industry. Arkansas State University’s Master of Engineering Management online program can prepare you to take on one of these positions and excel. Engineering management jobs range from leadership to analysis and offer a wide variety of career options. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs in the engineering management field will grow at a rate of 2 percent from 2014 to 2024, which means strong competition for the best jobs. The BLS also states that the median income in 2014 for someone in an engineering management job was $130,620. Here are five potential engineering management jobs to consider.

1. Engineering Project Manager

The engineering project manager oversees the team members and processes associated with engineering and construction projects to ensure timely, cost-effective completion. The project manager is responsible for a number of tasks, including organization and planning as well as delegating and assigning tasks to the team. This type of manager oversees the project from start to finish and often provides useful feedback to his or her team. They review and accept proposals, calculate and implement timeframes, make team assignments and ensure compliance with codes and laws related to the project. The engineering project manager works in a fast-paced environment with many different teams and stakeholders.

2. Senior Lead Analyst

A senior lead analyst provides management and leadership to a team of analysts. People in these roles work in a variety of business fields from banking to computer technology, scientific fields to government agencies. Senior lead analysts supervise a team of analysts within an organization and oversee the team’s research and findings. They lead the teams by offering suggestions for improvement and monitoring progress. Someone in this position can also offer valuable feedback to his or her team to produce effective analyses.

3. Cost Systems Analyst

A cost systems analyst can work in a variety of fields. The main task of the cost systems analyst is to help a company or organization identify cost needs for specific projects and then determine the best and most cost-effective way to fill those needs. These analysts rely on a variety of data that relate to a company specifically, and they use industry and market trends to identify the most economical way to complete a project.

4. Construction Management Engineer

The construction management engineer oversees a variety of construction projects. These projects include anything from overseeing electrical systems to building commercial or residential properties. Construction management engineers are responsible for a variety of tasks, including inspections of the construction site and subsequent systems, leading teams, managing labor costs and preparing reports. Construction management engineers can work in an office setting, though site visits are useful and help these engineers gauge whether a project is reaching completion on time — site visits also help maintain relationships with the crews on site.

5. Industrial Management Engineer

Much like the construction management engineer, the industrial management engineer oversees industrial projects. This includes supervising and working directly with a team of industrial engineers. According to the BLS, industrial engineers typically “find ways to eliminate wastefulness in production processes,” and the industrial management engineer oversees the engineers as they come up with processes and test designs. The industrial management engineer will offer insight and feedback on these processes and lead his or her team to find the best, most efficient way to eliminate wastefulness in production.

The Arkansas State Master of Engineering Management online program is specifically designed to help graduates excel in a number of fields across a variety of industries. Courses and instruction address the leadership and management skills necessary for a number of career opportunities.

Learn more about the A-State online MEM program.


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