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A New Master’s Degree Option for Engineers

When we think of an engineer, we usually picture a person working with advanced concepts or designing new innovations. It can be easy to forget that engineers have managers, too, and these managers need to be just as skilled at business topics as they are in their chosen field of engineering.

Engineering firms need engineering managers. Arkansas State University developed its Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program to fill this need. The program offers an additional option for professional engineers and students pursuing engineering careers. With the business education that the degree offers, students can move into management or other leadership roles within their chosen fields.

The Online MEM Program

The online MEM program is an exciting new option at Arkansas State University. The on-campus version is a relatively new program, having been around for less than a decade. The online version of the program came into existence just this year. The online format allows students to complete the degree even if coming to campus is difficult for them.

The Arkansas State University online MEM degree program is interdisciplinary, requiring courses in many different areas, giving students a well-rounded business education while also advancing their engineering skills. Students with an undergraduate degree in engineering are best suited for the online MEM course.

For Engineers Who Want to Be Leaders

An MEM degree gives engineers flexibility. Many career paths require business skills for success, and engineers with these skills have additional options available to them. The MEM program covers a variety of topics, including finance, accounting, law, management, and communications. Students gain a business foundation that enables them to pursue leadership roles within engineering disciplines.

The MEM program focuses on engineering management, with courses devoted specifically to the topic. Students learn how to be effective leaders in an engineering environment with its unique challenges. In addition, students take technical courses alongside business courses to further their technical skills while broadening leadership abilities.

Engineers who want to better understand the business side of engineering may find that the MEM program suits their needs. Graduates of the online MEM program could work at established companies or join start-ups. Most companies that hire engineers will also need engineering managers, and MEM degree holders have the necessary education to apply for these roles.

Successful engineering firms need more than great engineers. Technical ability is essential, but so is a grasp of the business aspects. Elements of a company’s operations that do not directly involve engineering include:

  • Contracts and negotiation.
  • Meeting deadlines.
  • Communicating with clients and other businesses.
  • Intellectual property rights.
  • Marketing.
  • Hiring new engineers.
  • Project management.
  • Teamwork and collaboration.

Leaders who have the right combination of management, business and technical skills are a valuable asset to engineering firms.
The online MEM program combines technical ability with management and business skills. Engineers already excel at solving problems, and the MEM program expands this ability to include challenges faced in business leadership. An MEM degree gives engineers the added flexibility of pursuing different career paths. MEM graduates are not only technically capable; they have also learned what it takes for a business to be successful.

For engineers who want to become leaders and help their companies thrive, business skills are vital. The online Master of Engineering Management program gives students the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to take on bigger challenges in their chosen fields. Arkansas State University’s MEM program aims to meet the demand for skilled engineering managers in the region — a demand that is only expected to grow.

Learn more about Arkansas State University’s Master of Engineering Management online program.


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