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Online Master of Science in Early Childhood Services

Complete Coursework: As little as 12 months Credit Hours: 30 Tuition: $306.25 per credit hour. This price includes the administrative fee.

The Master of Science in Early Childhood Services gives you a solid core of teacher education courses, plus specialized learning for Early Childhood Services. With this degree, you will gain increased marketability to serve in an administrative leadership role. Within this master's program, students focus on areas of learning that include:

  • In-depth knowledge of child development and development differences and influences in order to create learning environments for young children
  • The ability to create collaborative relationships with families and communities to support children's development
  • The ability to select and use a variety of documentation tools and methods for assessing young children's development in multiple early childhood settings
  • An understanding of administrative responsibilities needed to manage a childcare or preschool program such as program design, staff training, policy formation, fiscal management and decision making.
  • An understanding of curriculum sources and models
  • A customized practicum (personal research project) to fit within your interest and/or current work

You are required to complete 30 hours of coursework, including 24 hours of Major courses and 6 hours of Education Core courses as listed below. Courses are tightly integrated and focused on application-based curriculum. You will benefit from the incorporation of technology that aligns with national expectations for the 21st-century educator. This program can be completed in as few as 12 months. In lieu of written comprehensive exam(s) or thesis a Capstone Portfolio documenting the students’ mastery of NAEYC Standards is required. This program does not lead to licensure.

State Program Approvals (PDF)

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Teacher Education Core Courses

An introductory course in methods and techniques of research, and the statistical treatment and interpretation of research data.
This course helps develop perspectives that are essential for educators to understand and fulfill ethical and professional responsibilities in their respective areas, including communication with various audiences, reflection, self-assessment and advocacy within the context of cultural diversity and democratic pluralism.

Early Childhood Services Major Courses

In depth study of child development and developmental differences and influences with an emphasis on applying knowledge to creating learning environments for young children. Additional emphasis on creating collaborative relationships with families and communities to support children's development.
Course covers creating, selecting and appropriately using a variety of documentation tools in multiple early childhood settings, including observational methods and standardized assessments, as well as partnering with families and other professionals with reference to assessment issues.
A study of the important responsibilities of administrators of child care and preschool program. Emphasis will be placed upon program design, policy formation, fiscal management, staff training, and decision-making.
Study and analysis of curriculum sources and models for the purpose of critiquing and creating appropriate curriculums.
In-depth examination of current research that documents effective and best practices in early childhood settings.
Building upon professional development such as leadership, advocacy and collaboration, this course connects students to the broader contexts of early childhood education and responsibilities to children families, and the profession.
Application of theory and developmentally appropriate practices in an early childhood education setting. Includes development, implementation of a personal research project within the early childhood setting.
Practicum in Early Childhood Education II Practicum experience is developed to meet the student's professional interests and goals within a community-based early childhood education setting. Development and implementation of an action research project required as program capstone.
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