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5 Jobs You Can Get with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

What makes psychology one of the most popular majors for a bachelor’s degree? Of course, it is a logical choice for those going to graduate school in a related field. But did you know a bachelor’s in psychology can open the door to jobs in marketing, human resources and more?

Arkansas State University’s Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology prepares graduates to apply psychological principles to wide-ranging careers. With A-State’s flexible online format, you can continue working while earning your degree and preparing for new opportunities, such as the five jobs discussed below.

1. Marketing Analyst

What motivates someone to purchase one brand over another? Often, it is an emotional response to a marketing campaign. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology can leverage their knowledge of human behavior in this impactful position.

Marketing analysts study market conditions to help companies understand who will buy a particular product or service and what they will pay.

Marketing analysts often work in the marketing departments of large companies. They also work with advertising agencies, marketing research firms and consulting firms.

Median Salary: $56,801 ( as of July 2022)

2. Human Resources Assistant

Human resources (HR) roles often interact with people, making this a good fit for psychology graduates with effective communication and interpersonal skills.

The day-to-day activities of an HR assistant help build the experience and knowledge necessary to advance to HR roles such as HR specialist and HR manager. Activities include:

  • Maintaining employee records and documentation
  • Assisting with payroll
  • Screening job applicants
  • Assisting with onboarding
  • Addressing employee concerns
  • Providing support for employee programs such as wellness incentives

HR professionals work in the HR departments of large companies, colleges and universities, school districts, government agencies, healthcare organizations and other settings such as consulting firms.

Median Salary: $44,268 ( as of July 2022)

3. Crisis Phone Counselor

If you are considering graduate school to become a licensed therapist, a helpful first step is to gain experience in the field after earning your bachelor’s in psychology.

As a crisis phone counselor, you can make an immediate difference in people’s lives. These intervention counselors receive training to evaluate needs, assess risks, offer emotional support and make referrals. Crisis phone counselors work remotely and at in-person call centers.

Median Salary: $51,018 ( as of July 2022)  

3. Advertising Copywriter

A copywriter’s job is to motivate action (think Nike’s “Just do it.” tagline). A bachelor’s degree in psychology prepares students with communication skills and insight into human behavior that may make them copywriting standouts.

Copywriters are “creatives” who write taglines, slogans, product descriptions and other text that promotes and sells products and services. Musically inclined? You may even write a jingle.

Copywriters often work for creative agencies. Others are part of a large company’s marketing team. However, if you would rather be your own boss, the good news is that many copywriters have successful freelance careers.

Median Salary: $53,534 ( as of July 2022). As an example of how salaries vary, copywriters at Apple earn $120,825, according to Glassdoor.

4. Fundraiser

What causes matter most to you? Nonprofit fundraisers can use psychology degrees to support a worthwhile cause.

Fundraisers apply their communication and interpersonal skills to inspire people to give. Activities include:

  • Cultivating relationships with donors
  • Planning and executing fundraising events and campaigns
  • Researching grant programs
  • Writing proposals
  • Tracking and reporting donations
  • Preparing financial reports

Fundraisers work with nonprofits to advance their mission, whether that is animal welfare, global warming, human rights or various other issues. Hospitals, colleges and universities also employ fundraisers.

Median Salary: $62,888 ( as of July 2022)

A bachelor’s degree in psychology also pairs well with many advanced degrees and certification programs. For example, if you are passionate about wellness, a related training and certificate program backed by your psychology degree can help you launch a rewarding health coaching career.

A psychology degree is among the top six most popular majors because of its versatility. If you want to enter the workplace when you graduate, a bachelor’s degree in psychology offers many career paths where your knowledge of human behavior will be an asset.

Learn more about Arkansas State University’s Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology.

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