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An Online RN to BSN Program Is Convienent

Long shifts, unpredictable schedules and required overtime all make nursing one of the most demanding career fields. As such, working registered nurses looking to advance their careers need educational opportunities that help them overcome these obstacles. An online RN to BSN program offers flexible scheduling, remote access and online attendance, making it ideal for nurses preparing for the next stage of their careers.

Study on Your Own Schedule

While some nurses enjoy regular work schedules, in today’s healthcare environment, many RNs find themselves working constantly changing rotations. These RNs can benefit from a flexible BSN program because they are otherwise unable to meet the attendance requirements of standard Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree programs. Online study allows nurses to pursue their degrees when it is convenient for them.

Moreover, online courses commonly require only seven week sessions rather than standard sixteen-week semesters. These shorter sessions give working nurses the option to take short breaks from the program without falling overly behind, should personal or professional responsibilities arise.

Study Remotely

Nurses are in high demand in many underserved areas, and working in these places can benefit a nurse’s career — they sometimes offer financial incentives, such as tuition assistance. However, underserved areas often prevent nurses from going back to school for career advancement due to their distances from the nearest campuses. In an online RN to BSN program, location no longer matters. Class attendance and coursework deadlines require only an internet connection. Beyond the convenience to nurses in underserved areas, remote attendance can benefit nurses anywhere, who can study from home after a long day on their feet.

Advance Your Career

Before the advent of online higher education, many RNs found it nearly impossible to advance their careers due to demanding professional schedules and the distance of the nearest universities. Today, however, online RN to BSN programs eliminate these obstacles because they were designed with the working nurse in mind.

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