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Best Reasons to Earn a BSN

There are many reasons why ADN nurses should pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, including a higher salary. The following are some key benefits that come from completing an RN to BSN online program.

More (and Better) Opportunities

After earning a BSN, a nurse typically enjoys more job opportunities than before. These jobs are often better than those available to nurses who have not yet earned a BSN in terms of the challenges, variety of work experience and possibilities for advancement. Nurses with a BSN can typically advance through the ranks much more quickly, and the positions are often more rewarding.

BSN Is Required in Many Health Systems

Many health systems now require nurses to have BSNs. This is because these employers know that nurses with BSNs have clinical patient care experience and advanced knowledge in various areas, such as nurse leadership and the ability to make business-related decisions.

Becoming a Better Nurse

Earning an RN to BSN online can help ADNs become better nurses. Before graduating from the BSN program, these nurses learn about treatment of complex medical conditions they may not have been familiar with before. Learning how to care for patients with these conditions develops critical thinking skills, which are extremely valuable when faced with the complicated cases that are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Building on Existing Experience

RNs with an ADN already have a variety of real-world experience, but they gain a great deal of additional practice while working toward a bachelor’s degree. This may take the form of direct patient experience, such as communicating with patients and their families, or indirect care, such as teaching other nurses new techniques.

Better Earnings Potential

Although a higher salary is not the only reason to earn an RN to BSN online, it is a good one. A registered nurse with an ADN can earn a median yearly salary of $57,895, whereas an RN with a BSN can earn a median of $60,001. A nursing manager with an ADN can make $76,580 annually, while a BSN can make a median of $81,966.

These are just a few of the reasons to pursue an RN to BSN degree online. In the ever-evolving healthcare system, it makes sense to prepare fully for the changes taking place now and into the future.

Learn more about the Arkansas State University online RN to BSN program.


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