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Job Options for BSN-Prepared Nurses

Nurses who complete a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree program enjoy greater jobs opportunities than RNs without a bachelor’s degree. While working nurses may think it is impossible to return to school, an online RN to BSN program can make the process much more convenient, leaving time for work, family, friends and other activities.

BSN Jobs

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) awards the Magnet designation to hospitals that demonstrate excellence in nursing, quality patient care and innovations in professional nursing practice. Many Magnet hospitals prefer or require nurses to have a BSN because studies have shown BSN-prepared nurses improve the quality of patient care.

The nature of some nursing jobs makes a BSN the preferred degree.

  • Public health nurse: these nurses care for an entire population, as opposed to individuals. They must be proactive in addressing health concerns that impact that population and innovative in advocating for healthy lifestyles and creating more access to disease prevention.
  • School nurse: nurses in schools provide a range of care. Each state sets its own requirements for school nurses, and some states require a BSN.
  • Flight nurse: these nurses provide medical care to critically ill patients during medical transport flights.
  • Correctional nurse: working with inmates and detainees in correctional facilities requires a great deal of knowledge and solid judgment.
  • Public health or community health nurse: these nurses work in disease prevention and health promotion efforts, which a BSN degree program covers more thoroughly than a diploma or associate degree program.

Other BSN Jobs

The following nursing job descriptions also require a BSN:

  • A nurse manager supervises and recruits nurses, assists patients and their families, manages finances, oversees paperwork and more.
  • A nurse educator teaches and helps prepare the next generation of nurses.
  • A case management nurse coordinates long-term care for patients. Most of these nurses specialize in working with people who have diseases like HIV/AIDS or cancer, or they work with patients in specific age groups like geriatrics or pediatrics.
  • A clinical nurse leader oversees the integration of care for a specific set of patients. This job includes developing treatment plans, collecting and evaluating treatment results, and overseeing patients’ medical teams.
  • A quality improvement coordinator (or quality assurance coordinator) makes sure all nurses in a designated health facility comply with and exceed regulations for quality and level of service.
  • A nursing research assistant generally requires an advanced degree, but nurses with a BSN can find research assistant jobs in centers for nursing research.

In addition to opening up BSN jobs, completing an online RN to BSN program can set you on the path to earning an advanced nursing degree. You may decide to become an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) or assume higher-level leadership positions. Regardless of your career goals, a BSN will open up more job opportunities and advance your career.

Learn more about the Arkansas State University online RN to BSN program.

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