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What Is a Master of Science in Media Management?

Media management job growth

For roughly the next decade, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts solid growth in the media and mass communications industries. More traditional media outlets (newspapers, magazines, and radio and television networks) will be adding more than 45,000 jobs between now and 2026. The explosion of social media, however, has created entirely new opportunities for anyone interested in content creation, messaging and branding. The BLS estimates that demand for managers with expertise in the areas of advertising, promotions and marketing will grow faster than the national average for all other occupations.

Arkansas State’s unique, interdisciplinary online Master of Science in Media Management (MSMM) can help you transition to an exciting new career in journalism, broadcasting, advertising, public relations, sales and even social enterprise. No other institute of higher learning in the state offers a Media Management curriculum as robust and versatile as Arkansas State’s.

Depending on your interests, aptitudes and prior professional experience, you can choose to tailor your degree by following one of three different tracks.

Mass Media Management

The foundation of the Mass Media Management track is JOUR 5113, Integrated Communications Strategies. In this course, you’ll learn the essentials of corporate communications. You’ll also practice the various techniques media managers employ to ensure that all communications speak with a clear voice and remain relevant to customers and their wants and needs. You’ll become familiar with various platforms and the stages of the buyer’s journey. Via other courses in this track, you’ll apply your new communications competencies to manage crises, launch a new venture (a product or an entire business) and reach increasingly diverse target audiences.

Digital Media Management

The Digital Media Management track offers you invaluable training using the latest in communications technologies. Courses in this track span a wide range of topics and tools, from interactive digital advertising to search engine optimization (SEO). And, even though this track will help you set your sights on the industry’s far horizons, it does not overlook the core principles and best practices of media management. You’ll learn how to integrate these emerging media into an overall communications strategy that contributes to the growth of your company’s customer base.

Public Administration

In the Public Administration track, you’ll explore integrated communications and media technology with courses in organizational behavior, corporate accountability to internal as well as external constituencies, and administrative efficiency. Are you focused on solving big, complex problems? Are you happiest when you know you are working to advance a worthy cause? Do you like crafting policies and regulations? Do you have a talent for motivating others and negotiating competing interests? If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you might consider an MSMM with a specialization in Public Administration. The experience you gain on this track can help you become a true leader in your profession.

Each track consists of 12 credit hours or four courses. Regardless of which track you choose, you will need to earn a total of 30 credit hours to graduate with your MSMM. Students must take the remaining 18 hours from the MSMM core curriculum. Five of the six courses that comprise these 18 hours cover subjects in the fields of communications theory, advertising, radio/television/film production, and communications research. In the sixth and final course, you will propose and complete your own capstone project. You’ll apply your newly acquired knowledge and skills by addressing a real-world media management issue.

Because Arkansas State’s MSMM is an online degree program, you have the option of completing your degree according to a schedule that is most convenient for you. You can even keep your present job while furthering your education. In as few as 12 months, and for an investment of just over $9,500, you can begin to realize the benefits of an advanced degree in media management.

Learn more about the A-State online MSMM program.


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