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A-State’s MSMM Program Takes a Unique Approach

When it comes to social media metrics, the number of followers is easy to track. But this metric may not provide much insight into how well a campaign is performing. In fact, HubSpot refers to followers as a vanity metric.

To understand how a social media campaign is performing, media managers need to know which metrics matter. That is one of the reasons Brittney Francois is pursuing an online Master of Science in Media Management (MSMM) program at Arkansas State University (A-State).

A-State’s MSMM Program Takes a Unique Approach

The MSMM program at A-State pairs a foundation in media communications with the opportunity to choose an area of expertise from three tracks. Interested in entrepreneurship? There is a track for that. Communication strategy? There is a track for that, too.

In addition to core requirements, students complete 12 hours in one of the following tracks:

Mass Media Management: This track may be a good fit for students interested in public relations, integrated communications, entrepreneurship, and news and broadcast.

Digital Media Management: Students pursuing this track develop expertise in emerging media and digital advertising, social media metrics and communication strategy.

Public Administration: This track may be the right choice for students whose career goals include a focus on organizational structures, regulations and ethics, and multi-channel marketing.

When it comes to monitoring and measuring outcomes, the Digital Media Management track helps take the mystery out of metrics. Coursework with a social media focus includes:

Social Media Measurement: Students explore the use of social media in advertising, public relations and marketing communications, including topics related to measurement and improvement of outcomes.

Social Media in Strategic Communication: Students examine social media within mass communications, news, advertising, and public relations industries, and learn how to integrate social media tools into an organization’s communication strategy.

Working in e-commerce was a motivating factor in Francois’ decision to pursue a master’s in media management. “I wanted to stay on top of things,” she said, “learning the latest and greatest with technology, and, hopefully, apply that to a new opportunity.”

The Digital Media Management track was a perfect fit for Francois, and she has good things to say about her courses so far. That includes her course in Social Media in Strategic Communication. “I’ve learned how to apply social media tools,” she explained, “and how to mix them in an organization’s strategy.”

The course also gave her a better understanding of how having a social media site can help promote a business and “get the word out if a new product is launching.” Basically, Francois is absorbing everything she is learning because, she said, “it is eventually going to be very helpful. That’s ultimately how I’m looking at it.”

The Pew Research Center reports that a majority of Americans are now using social platforms. This may, in turn, be creating more demand than ever for media managers with up-to-date skills.

Ultimately, Francois hopes to apply her knowledge and skills to a position in e-commerce, project management or digital marketing. Equipped with the tools she needs to leverage data in decision-making, Francois will be well-positioned to advance her career in a media management position.

Learn more about the A-State online Master of Science in Media Management program.


HubSpot: The 5 Social Media Metrics Your CEO Actually Cares About

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