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What does a master’s in educational leadership entail?

Some of the best teachers are those who have experience leading others. In addition to leading students, teacher leaders must also understand the importance of leading other educators. A master’s degree program that focuses on educational leadership cultivates the skills necessary to work in administrative and similar positions.

What is an educational leadership program?

A graduate program that culminates with a master’s in educational leadership degree is a program designed to make students think critically about administrative issues. This includes hiring new teachers and other workers, determining and sticking to a budget for a school and following the laws of the state. These programs usually take between two and three years for students to complete, although some programs can be completed in as few as 20 months.

Is there an internship component?

Some graduate programs have an internship component, while others have a fieldwork component. This typically takes place towards the end of the program. Internships will likely focus on authentic problems and activities that require candidates to demonstrate leadership skills and practices integral to school leadership. For those with fieldwork, students will spend two years working on their studies before spending their last two semesters working in the field. Instead of working with students as teachers, educational leadership students will work on developing a new program or solution that will meet the needs of the school they select. Some programs let students work part-time on the fieldwork component during their second year and still graduate in two years.

What can you do with your degree?

The main type of job available to those with a master’s in educational leadership is that of a high school principal. A principal acts as the supervisor of the school. He or she is responsible for hiring new teachers, ensuring that students meet the minimum standards of the state, keeping the school safe for students and teachers, regulating the curricula used by teachers and maintaining good relationships with parents and the community. Curriculum development is another field open to those with this type of degree. Development professionals create textbooks and other study materials to help students learn more effectively. Other positions may include corporate trainer, adult education teacher and guidance counselor.

Are there online options?

Many students go to work as teachers and in other educational fields after earning a bachelor’s degree, which gives them little time to work on an advanced degree. With an online education degree, you have the option of working on your degree on your own time. An online program will still let you complete a fieldwork or internship component. With an online program, you’ll likely complete the internship projects in your workplace. The rest of the program will take place entirely online.

Knowing how to lead others is an important skill that every teacher needs. Those who attend a master’s in educational leadership program also develop skills that can assist them in working in different administrative positions, including principals and school superintendents. Online programs let you complete a fieldwork component that gives you additional experience, but these programs also give you the freedom to decide when to study and work on your assignments.

Learn more about the A-State online MSE in Educational Leadership program.


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