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Get Into Early Childhood Administration With a Master’s Degree

According to Earlychildhood News, “Children go through many transitions throughout their lives, but one of the most important transitions is the one from a preschool program to kindergarten.” As an early childhood services administrator with a Master of Science in Early Childhood Services from Arkansas State University you can help make the transition from preschool to kindergarten smooth and meaningful for both families and young students.

Parental Involvement

One of your primary roles as an early childhood service administrator will be to keep parents, families and guardians involved in all aspects of their child’s education. And parental involvement is much more than attending occasional parent-teacher conferences and holiday programs.

A well-prepared administrator helps families connect with their children and their daily learning. A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that “…Head Start causes a substantial increase in parents’ involvement with their children — such as time spent reading to children, math activities, or days spent with children by fathers who do not live with their children — both during and after the period when their children are potentially enrolled in Head Start.”

First-rate preschool administrators encourage parents and guardians to become involved in the day-to-day activities at school. Well-organized parent support groups as well as individual volunteers can provide assistance and hands-on support in the classroom.

Parental Support

Teachers appreciate a parent’s effort to support their child’s academic progress both at home and in the classroom; however, parents can also support their students and the school as a whole.

Today, when every penny of funding for education is under scrutiny, administrators can find strong advocates in parents with whom they have strong relationships. A good administrator will pave the way, making key introductions and providing information about curriculum, program and supply needs. When you ask families to lobby on behalf of their children and the school, they can prove to be a powerful force.

Another aspect of being a successful administrator is the ability to create a strong trifecta of the school, parents and students. When you maintain the trust of parents and students, they are more likely to work with you. Families are able to listen objectively to school reports and have realistic conversations with their students when they know the administration is maintaining open lines of communication.

Teacher Training and Readiness

One of the courses in the online master’s degree program offered by Arkansas State University focuses on the responsibilities of the administrator as a supervisor. These responsibilities go further than balancing a budget and providing adequate supplies and behavioral support.

One of the key responsibilities of an early childhood services administrator is staff training. As a master’s degree candidate, you will learn that staff training is more than providing professional development for new curriculum and effective classroom management. As a committed administrator, you will learn how to work with your staff to promote parental support and involvement.

Becoming a Leader

If you would like to advance professionally but do not have a license to teach, a master’s degree in early childhood services may be right for you. You will learn leadership, advocacy and collaboration, and the broader contexts of early childhood education and responsibilities to children, families and the profession.

If you would like to work hand-in-hand with young moms and dads as they prepare their children for the world, the Master of Science in Early Childhood Services may be the perfect fit for you. It will prepare you to lead, manage and advocate for a childcare program or preschool and to “create collaborative relationships with families and communities to support children’s development.” As a graduate, you will have the confidence and preparation to help answer the questions that families and children have. You will have confidence that your students will make a smooth transition from preschool to kindergarten.

Learn more about A-State’s Online Master of Science in Early Childhood Services.


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