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Become A National Board Certified Teacher

Being a great teacher takes hard work, dedication and patience. In a world with increasing pressure on education, teachers are seeking to expand their knowledge and prove themselves. National Board Certification for teachers is the highest mark of professional accomplishment.

Getting certified can be beneficial for your career

The National Board Certification for teachers allows educators to practice their skills, demonstrate how they teach in a classroom and show their dedication to educating students. It can boost a teacher’s career by giving them confidence, along with the prestige associated with certification.

Arkansas offers comprehensive support to selected teachers interested in pursuing board certification, including financial incentives and three paid release days. Furthermore, many Arkansas public schools offer incentives for teachers with a National Board Teacher Certification, helping to improve the likelihood of being hired.

Working towards a master’s degree for teachers can help prepare educators for the certification process through degree coursework and interaction with professors and other students. Additionally, students who complete the National Board Certification are eligible to waive three courses in Arkansas State University’s online Master of Science in Education in Educational Theory and Practice.

To be eligible to obtain the national board certification for teachers, educators must have a bachelor’s degree, have completed three full years of teaching or school counseling, and possess a valid state teaching or school counseling license. The certification process involves completing an assessment of your content-based knowledge, as well as submitting three portfolio entries to measure competency in specific areas.

By becoming a board certified teacher, an educator can become more recognized as an expert in his or her field, which can lead to better career opportunities. In addition, national board certification for teachers can provide valuable benefits for students and schools, as well.

Learn more about the A-State online MSE in Educational Theory and Practice program.


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