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A Look into the Value of a Master of Public Administration Degree

If your goal is to affect public policy, champion a nonprofit organization or enter the political arena, completion of a Master of Public Administration program is a valuable credential to list on your resume. Most public administration programs will ask you to study economic theory, the United States government and public administration in detail so you have a better understanding of the ins and outs of the public sector. For many programs, the goal is to encourage you to become a big-picture thinker and an out-of-the-box problemsolver.

An online MPA degree can help you get through the program in a timely manner without requiring you to forgo your day job. For example, Arkansas State University’s program can be finished in as few as 18 months. Since the overhead costs of an online education are minimal, the amount of debt you may have at the end can be lower than other programs, causing the value of your MPA to rise further.

Climb the Leadership Ladder With Master of Public Administration Degree

Whether you are currently in a civil servant position or seeking to enter the public sector, leadership training is a must, and a Master of Public Administration can give you the skills you need. While progressing through your curriculum, courses in administration behavior, human resource management and leadership will most likely be required so that you can acquire the skills necessary to lead an organization, whether you want to focus on public health policy, policies involving natural resources, economic development or a number of other public sector fields.

Any on-the-job leadership training you may already have is a plus, but expanding those skills with an MPA will help you glow a little brighter against other candidates when it comes to landing a desired promotion. Individuals with an MPA may find future salaries to be more attractive and the doors to gainful employment open a little wider.

Gain Valuable Insights With a Master of Public Administration Degree

When you enter the public sector, knowing how the branches of government affect your next position at the federal, state or local level is important. If you choose the nonprofit route instead, understanding how new laws will affect your organization and how much time you have to implement those new rules may make the difference between success and failure.

Navigating through the public administration sector can be challenging, and unexpected changes and unforeseen obstacles may frazzle those without proper training. Completion of a Master of Public Administration program is a great accomplishment and will further prepare you to face challenges that may await you in public administration.

Learn more about the A-State online MPA program.


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