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Do MPA Graduates Work Internationally?

The demand continues to grow for professionals with a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree who can implement and manage governmental policies and programs and manage human resources and budgets. Earning an MPA can prepare an individual for a career in government, the private sector or a nonprofit organization in a wide variety of leadership positions both at home and abroad. MPA graduates work in important areas, including but not limited to finance, human resources, transportation, public relations, information technology, homeland security, health and humanitarian assistance, and education.

Jobs for MPA graduates in local, state and federal levels of government include city manager, mayor, governor, news reporter/analyst, lobbyist, policy analyst, chief of staff, budget manager and public information officer. At the federal level, jobs for MPA graduates include positions with the Central Intelligence Agency, congressional offices, the White House and the United Nations. Possible jobs for MPA graduates in companies and businesses include chief executive officer, chief operations officer, executive director, president or vice president.

Both for-profit and nonprofit companies hire skilled professionals with MPA degrees because they know these leaders have the ability to keep businesses running while making a difference in the world. MPA graduates can also work for international governments and in multinational private businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Overseas Job Opportunities for MPA Grads

There are many career paths for MPA graduates who want to build and lead governmental policies and programs across national borders or work for a multinational business or charitable organization that competes in the global economy. The soaring growth of international business has created an increasing demand for qualified professionals who understand global markets, business practices and cultures.

The U.S. government is the largest employer in the United States, currently employing nearly 2 million civilian workers. Almost every federal department and agency has an international affairs division. Graduates with a Master of Public Administration can find well-paying, advanced positions overseas in a range of industries, including banking, energy, healthcare, law, education, security, technology, airlines and hospitality.

International public affairs jobs, like their domestic counterparts, involve a variety of activities, combining government relations, media communications, information dissemination and strategic communications advice, crisis and issue management, and corporate and social responsibility. Some of the international public affairs jobs for MPA graduates include marketing manager, management analyst, administrative service officer, human resources manager, financial controller, media and corporate communications director, supply chain manager, trade and customs manager, foreign policy adviser, sales representative, research director or analyst and advocate.

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