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What Is Sport Administration?

In the United States, sports are an integral part of daily life, and they hold the public’s interest all year long. The love of playing or the pride of being a fan help explain why sports have become a part of our social fabric. If you have always dreamt of becoming more involved in the world of sports, a Master of Science in Sport Administration from Arkansas State University may be just what you need to enhance your career.

What Does a Sports Administrator Do?

A sports administrator works with athletic organizations to improve sports programs. Sports managers strive to create programs that are profitable, beneficial to athletes and successful both on and off the field. With an M.S. in Sport Administration, you could work for secondary and collegiate athletic departments, professional teams, sports facilities, country clubs, fitness clubs and community athletic associations.

Some sports administrators collaborate with scouts and coaches to create winning rosters. Other administrators specialize in areas like law and contract negotiations, marketing, public relations or finance. Whether you prefer macro-level management in which you serve as an organizational manager or you prefer micro-level tasks such as finance, budgeting, marketing or law, the right degree can open doors to a number of exciting jobs.

How Much Does a Sports Administrator Earn?

You can expect your income to increase as your experience grows. Unlike professions that limit salary growth over time, sports administrators can significantly increase their earning potential over the course of their careers.

ZipRecruiter reports an average salary of $47,712 a year nationwide and a high of $102,054 a year, as of August 2021. The wide range in pay implies that factors such as skill level, location and experience may equal greater pay and opportunities. Earning an M.S. in Sport Administration may give you a leg up, as the coursework at Arkansas State University lines up with many of the skills needed for the highest earning positions in the field.

How Can I Become a Sports Administrator?

Whether you want to be a stadium’s event coordinator, “run a local parks and recreation department, transition from coach to athletic director, or become an executive for a national sports league, this versatile master’s degree can help you achieve your goals.” When you enroll in the M.S. in Sport Administration program at Arkansas State University, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the industry’s essential skills.

For example, course ESPE 6153: Sport Leadership covers advanced knowledge of effective leadership skills. You can learn how to manage organizational goals, diverse environments, conflict and sport culture to bring about beneficial changes for your organization. The ESPE 6643: Current Readings Seminar in Physical Education and Sport Science course offers an in-depth examination of current issues and trends in today’s sports world to prepare students for industry careers.

While there are thousands of sports administration jobs around the country, they all require a working knowledge of the industry as well as leadership and management skills. By earning an M.S. in Sport Administration from Arkansas State University, you can gain the necessary knowledge and skills to position yourself for success.

Learn more about the A-State online M.S. in Sport Administration program.


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