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Online Gifted, Talented, and Creative Teachers Certificate

Complete Coursework: Varies Credit Hours: 18 Tuition: $306.25 per credit hour. This price includes the administrative fee.

This certificate in Gifted Education will prepare teacher candidates to facilitate or coordinate programs for gifted, talented, and creative students within Arkansas and other states. This licensure program certifies teachers for Gifted Education K-12.

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A comprehensive study of gifted, talented and creative learners including characteristics, identification procedures, appropriate educational services, and social needs of this population in a variety of educational settings.
Focus is on current theory and practice in planning educational programs for gifted, talented, and creative students.
Explores creativity as a meaningful curriculum effort for education of creative students with an emphasis is on the theoretical aspects of creative and productive thought and on the practical application of theory to foster creativity in the classroom.
Instruments will be reviewed and administered for the purpose of preliminary screening and identification in order to determine differentiated programming for the gifted, talented, and creative.
Learning experiences are provided which incorporate skills in classroom organization, management, planning, and teaching in a field setting gifted, talented, and creative. Permission of program director required.
An in-depth study of the social and emotional needs of children who have diverse learning needs.
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