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Why gifted and talented teachers should pursue a master’s degree

Gifted and talented teachers work with some of the brightest young minds in the world. They are responsible for expanding and inspiring the youth of today who will be the future leaders of tomorrow. The pursuit of a Master of Science in Education degree (MSE) in Gifted, Talented and Creative (GTC) could be just the right move for an educator who works with the bright students responsible for developing tomorrow’s future. Teaching gifted and talented students is as rewarding as it is challenging in that you have young minds that are constantly asking and wanting to know more. As the teacher, it becomes your responsibility to provide them with the tools necessary to learn the answer. As an educator, you have a busy schedule, which could make the pursuit of a master’s degree in education online an ideal option.

Why a master’s degree

A master’s degree will not only provide you with the tools necessary to be a better teacher of gifted and talented students, but will also help you become a strong example to your students about the importance of pursuing higher education. According to the National Association for Gifted Students (NAGC), educators “should be familiar with the theory, research, curriculum strategies, and educational practices necessary to develop and sustain high quality classroom-based opportunities for advanced student learning.” The NAGC says that anyone teaching gifted and talented students should be able to:

  • “Recognize the learning differences, developmental milestones and cognitive/affective characteristics of gifted and talented students, including those from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and identify their related academic and social-emotional needs”
  • “Design appropriate learning and performance modifications for individuals with gifts and talents that enhance creativity, acceleration, depth and complexity in academic subject matter and specialized domains”
  • “Select, adapt and use a repertoire of evidence-based instructional strategies to advance the learning of gifted and talented students.”

Why a master’s in education degree online

You are more than just a teacher. You have both a social life and a family, which can make time scarce. Getting a master’s degree online is a great option for those who do not have time in their busy schedule to sit in a college classroom for six or more hours a week. In addition, many online opportunities are covered by scholarships and financial aid just like a degree in a traditional classroom. Getting a master’s in education as an educator also increases the odds for pay raises and promotions within the education system.

If you choose to pursue an MSE in GTC, you will gain the tools necessary for teaching gifted and talented students. In addition, by completing your degree online, you can save yourself the time and hassle of traveling back and forth from a college campus every week. With a master’s degree, you will learn to recognize the abilities of a gifted and talented student and design, select and adapt the appropriate materials needed in order to teach and expand the student’s knowledge.

Learn more about the A-State online MSE in GTC program.

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