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Improve Learning Outcomes and Advance Your Career With a Curriculum Director Certificate

Arkansas State University (A-State) offers a unique, fully online Curriculum Director Certificate program. This certificate program is for educators looking to pursue curriculum leadership positions and obtain the necessary licensure.

The program’s intensive coursework further helps educators develop the critical curriculum expertise and leadership skills needed to affect meaningful change in their schools. These educators can be instrumental in improving myriad learning outcomes through contemporary curriculum design, revision and implementation in curriculum director roles.

What Is the Curriculum Director’s Role in Schools?

A curriculum director shapes the foundations of what, why and how students learn. Curriculum directors are tasked with designing, reviewing and implementing curricula for educational programs. This can involve everything from content and materials selection and technology integration to teacher training and assessment model design.

Essentially, curriculum directors guide every aspect of coursework in schools, including the tools and resources used to deliver that content. Curriculum leaders work closely with instructional coordinators and specialists to direct instructional methodologies used in teaching practice.

How Can Curriculum Directors Improve Learning Outcomes?

Educational models have been changing rapidly to help improve learning and skill development outcomes for today’s diverse learners. Digital citizenship, virtual and blended learning, differentiation, social-emotional learning, culturally responsive content and instruction and personalized learning are among the many strategies and methods reshaping education. Curriculum directors guide this change by evaluating, selecting and implementing new content, tools and teaching practices.

A-State’s curriculum coursework emphasizes the study of curriculum revision and current curricular issues in modern schools. By staying current on such issues and innovative educational methodologies, leaders can implement curricula designed to better meet the needs of students. This kind of strategic curriculum design and revision is necessary to improve learning outcomes and 21st-century skill development for the student population.

As such, curriculum directors with the expertise gained from programs like A-State’s are crucial for advancing education in today’s schools. They play an essential leadership role, gathering input from the entire educational community to ensure all involved are represented and invested in curriculum revision initiatives. A-State’s certificate program emphasizes this aspect of the curriculum director role with courses on ethical leadership and community relations.

How Can a Curriculum Director Certificate Help Me Advance My Career?

Earning a curriculum director certificate demonstrates an educator has developed extensive knowledge and skills regarding effective curriculum leadership. A-State’s certificate program also incorporates an internship component, giving educators real-world experience in curriculum leadership. These factors can provide applicants for curriculum director positions with the knowledge employers seek.

A-State’s program also meets the standards for Curriculum Program Administrator (CPA) licensure in Arkansas. Graduates can apply the certification credits to apply for licensure in other states, depending on state-specific licensure requirements.

Furthermore, a curriculum director position can serve as an educator’s first step into school administration, providing a pathway to advancement into to higher-level administrative roles (vice principal, principal, superintendent, etc.).

Can a Curriculum Director Certificate Increase My Earning Potential?

A curriculum director certificate and licensure can qualify educators for positions that come with a substantial average increase in salary.

For instance, PayScale reports that high school teachers make an average annual salary of $50,710 as of August 2021. According to PayScale data from the same period, curriculum directors make an average of $73,454 per year. That represents an average pay bump of over $22,000 annually.

To put this into perspective, the total tuition for A-State’s online curriculum director certificate program is $7,608, which means graduates who use their certificate to obtain licensure and advance into curriculum director positions could see a significant return on investment (ROI) within a single year.

Graduates who go on to pursue upper-level administrative roles could see an even higher ROI. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the median annual pay for K-12 principals was $98,490 in 2020. Plus, according to June 2021 data from PayScale, superintendents with curriculum planning skills average over $120,000 in annual earnings.

Earning a curriculum director certificate can help educators advance their careers and potential income level. These are important motivating factors. However, the most important reward for many is the impact of influential curriculum directors on transforming education and improving learning outcomes for their schools’ students.

Learn more about Arkansas State University’s online Curriculum Director Certificate program.

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